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    Which electric tea kettle with selective temp controls has the best accuracy for temps?
  1. TexLaw

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    I have a Cuisinart that is very good.
  2. Chefman electric precision tea kettle. Needed one, it was on a big sale at Target just before christmas so, for $20, I could not go wrong. I spot checked the important temps and 180 degrees is 180 degrees and boiling is 205. That is as hot as it gets on my stove too. Altitude affects boiling temp

    Only thing I don't like about it is the dumb blue LED lights.
  3. +1
  4. New OXO adjustable temperature pour-over kettle. Good reviews from both Coffee Geek and Seattle coffee gear.
  5. TexLaw

    TexLaw Contributor

    That Oxo kettle does look nice, but the $100 price tag makes my Cuisinart look cheap!
  6. Not a kettle but at work I have Zojirushi hybrid water boiler. You can select a few different temperatures and I use it for tea at my desk. Disclaimer... it makes the oxo kettle look cheap.
  7. I have not read any reports of the various kettles having inaccurate temperature. Some do reach temperature faster than others.

    My Bonavita is repeatable and I have been happy with it, except for slight corrosion around the lid after years of use.
  8. I've wanted an electric tea kettle. But because of limited shelf space, and that fact that I rarely brew more that two cups of tea at a sitting, I just microwave my water in a Pyrex measuring cup.
  9. REV579

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    I am very pleased with mine too.
  10. I've got a Bonavita, my 2nd. It's a workhorse and has accurate temperature, checked using a Thermapen thermometer. It will also hold water at temperature if desired.
  11. It's so, so nice, though...easy to use, heats fast, pours like a dream. The gooseneck makes gongfu a lot easier...I used to have a kettle with one of those short, stubby spouts, and aiming the water into my tiny Yixings was a pain and a half.
  12. Agreed, a gooseneck (which the Bonavita has) is essential if using gongfu or small yixings. And my aim as I age is not as steady.
  13. Zojirushi - all the way. It will be a heavy investment but well worth it. Japanese kettles are by far the best and Zojirushi is the top of that batch. I have the Cd-lfc and love it!
  14. MurderousCrow

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    I am slightly obsessed with my Zojirushi travel flask / mug. It is designed with the most impeccable attention to detail. The care executed in thinking about how the customer will actually use it, marks it out as an outstanding product. I imagine other things they make will also be of exceptional design and quality.

    On kettles however I use a gooseneck Bonavita PID for my pourover coffees, and in my Aeropress brews. It's excellent, and has given me years of service. The only demerit I can give it, is for the less-than-elegant plastic cover to protect the electronics in the base from water. Careful users won't need to use it at all, however, I can be a bit of a slob.

  15. Same here. were on number 3. The first one had a quick end when someone in the household not me put it on the gas burner out of habit. The second lasted about 2 years until the top hinge broke. Number 3 has been Very good but never checked temps which i may do i use boil and it doesn't seem as hot as the last kettle we had
  16. TexLaw

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    Just for grins, I filled my Cuisinart to around the 1.25 L mark and grabbed my Thermapen for a little test. I took a few minutes to make my way through the settings. Each setting overshot the designated temperature by around 1-3 degrees F, which is perfectly fine with me. In fact, I'd say that's pretty darn good. I'm going to pour the water into something that's probably at room temperature, or it will take me a few moments to get to the kettle after the heating stops, so a couple of degrees over might even be just what I want. I would be more concerned if it came in under.

    The "Boil" setting produced boiling water. The measured temperature came right in at 212 F, which is what I would expect (I'm at 68' above sea level, and it's a stable day vis-a-vis the atmosphere).
  17. Luke,

    That is funny. I have had my eyes on one of those travel mugs they make! I ended up getting the plastic water dispenser vs the stainless steal one just because I had such an incredible deal on the plastic. It still irks me that it does not match my rice cooker, but I do love it!

    The key is, if you get one, make sure it is made in Japan . if it is not, it is garbage. The attention to detail in Japan is amazing and worth the money. ...now go buy one! Lol
  18. Another Cuisinart user. Tested it a few times like TexLaw did and got the same results. That thing is really handy.
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