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EJ DE89 or DE 89L what is "lined chrome"?

Both razors look the same, but one states "lined chrome", what does that mean?
What does it "do", I mean, what is the advantage?

I have read it has the same head as a Muhle R89, is this true?

I believe the "lined" refers to the lines in the handle.


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Yep, as noted by previous posters = lined means the handle has lines. If you can't see the diff at a site you're viewing, check out other sites and i'm sure you can see the diff. I have the EJ DE89 no lines. I just didn't know if the lines would make that much difference. Still don't know becuause I have not held the lined handle, ever.
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If the 89(unlined) handles the same as the polyester 86 and 87, then I would say no difference to the 89L. My 89L has equal grip to my faux ivory Chatsworth. Does that make sense?

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