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Hi all

I'm a new member, 66 years old, but only 1/2 year into using DE razor.

I've been looking around the forum and so far have read how to improve my preshave routine. I'm looking forward to learning more.

I'm doing a little head-to-head blade tournament with a sampler pack and a couple of other blades I got with my razor purchases. I have two Rockwell 6C razors, one with a chrome handle and one with a faux tortoiseshell handle. This enables me to shave with both at the same time without knowing which blade is in which razor. A blind test, same shave, with each razor doing one half of the face. I'm taking notes and am excited to find which blade I like the most.



Old Hippie

Somewhere between 61 and dead
Hi Frank! Glad you found yer way in here.

Lots of good stuff buried in the shelves, so look around. Looking forward to hear how your "face off" :) is working!

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