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Edwin Jagger

I have some Edwin Jagger aloe vera pucks and, while it is a fine product, it takes me a lot of work to get a good lather from it. I'm not sure whether I'm getting enough product on the brush or what the trick is. I bowl lather with an Omega 49 brush.

As for face lathering, I haven't tried that yet. My best face lather brush is the SOC, but the EJ is a small puck and I keep it in a small bowl - the SOC is actually too big to load the puck in the bowl without creating a mess.

I'm thinking maybe to grate the puck, or microwave it. I would like to hear from others who have used this product as to their experience and usage tips.
I had the Sea Buckthorn..loves the smell but it was way too hard to work with and somewhat inconsistent for me. YMMV. Hope it works for you. I sold mine..
I used up a puck of the sandalwood a while back. I liked it. I found that it was best (for me) to treat it as a mug soap and build the lather on the puck. Lots of water and lots of swirling. It worked out fine for me and I may even pick up another one for next fall.


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I found that it was best (for me) to treat it as a mug soap and build the lather on the puck.
Yep. Stick the puck in a mug and lather up on top of it, works for me, too. Great scent that aloe vera!
It has a very hard surface which needs to be softened up: water on the surface, a wet brush, treat it as a mug soap (as mentioned above), and load for longer than average. I need to load for 60+ seconds (as I also have to do for MWF).
I have a puck of Edwin Jagger's Lime & Pomegranate. I do get a good slick lather from it, along with a very nice scent, but it does take some more work than other some other brands.

I add warm water as my brush soaks, and lather it in the mug/bowl. It is good to face lather also.

With a boar it can act a bit thirsty, so you have to get the water right.

Use it several day sin a row an dyou will find the method. I do like the lather I get after working it.
I have Muhle sandalwood soap, which is, i believe, the same as EJ. Well, so far i hate it. :001_unsur Bowl, face lathering... Nothing works. It looks like i have nice lather, but always butchering my face with it. :mad3: Well, i need to say that i am still noob in wet shaving, two months in it. But i'm always getting much better results with tube of Proraso, though. This soap is pretty hard to figured out, i guess. Maybe things will improve when i finally buy HJM synthetic brush :thumbup1: So far i just don't have luck with it and my Omega boar brush.
Several folks mentioned that it is a hard puck (hockey puck comes to mind), so that could well be the problem; i.e., not getting enough product on the brush. Especially with a boar brush which doesn't hold as much water as a badger. So I'll try super loading it.

Meanwhile, I did face lather with it today. Still the same problem - not enough product loaded.

I will use it daily for a week, trying various things. I really want this soap to work. As I do all soaps.
If it's any help at all...I load all my soaps like it's my last shave of my life. I totally overload my brush every single time. Some may say its a waste, but I've never found myself lacking in quantity or quality of lather since. Plus, I work through my soaps a bit faster. Too many soaps...
Grate the soap!! and fit it to your mug! that puck is too small to puck lather for a lot of gents. This will increase surface area of the soap and loosen it up...its easy!
Yesterday evening, I did a test lather using my SOC brush, loading really well (or at least better than I had loaded before). There was a decided improvement in that I got more lather in less time.

So, just this morning, I went at it again, this time with my low end Rooney badger brush (note though, that I don't think the brush is the critical element here). This was a super loading. I soaked both brush and puck, then swirled the brush on top of the puck until it started to foam, after which I turned the puck container upside down and continued to swirl thinking that the foam would run down into the brush. This was repeated a couple more times.

I can't lather in the bowl since it is too small (recall an earlier B&B thread advising people, correctly in my opinion, to use a large enough bowl for bowl lathering. I use the Walmart/Target salsa bowls. Anyway, I went to work and, with much less effort than before, got great gobs of lather.

The shave was great. A bit of razor skip on the first pass which I attribute to unbalancing the product to water ratio due to the super loading, so I applied some Castle Forbes pre-shave prior to lathering up for the second pass.

I still might grate this puck since I think that would make the brush loading operation easier. Thanks to all for the suggestions.
Glad to hear your experience improved. I have a puck of EJ Sea Buckthorn in my rotation and have been getting good results bowl lathering with an Omega 49 and a few drops of water every 30 seconds or so. I do soak my brush while I shower, put some hot water on the puck for a few minutes before I start loading, and pour that water from the puck into my bowl. Hope things continue to improve for you!
I have a puck of EJ aloe vera. I treat just like a shave stick. Its a small puck so I rub it on my face just like you would a shave stick, it works well for that. No problem for me lathering with the water here, nice scent and skin conditioning for me.