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    For my wife’s birthday today, I took her and my boys to a hibachi grill. We got there a bit early before they opened and decided to venture into a Dollar Tree next door. While walking around with my toddler, I came upon the shaving section and saw the Assure DE razor which appeared to be a cheap clone of a WEISHI. I passed and explored the fragrance section.

    If I see testors, I can’t resist, even the knockoffs. I saw one called EAD Astute and on the box it indicated that it was new and improved. It also said it was inspired by a fragrance called Angel. Sprayed a small amount on my wrist.

    I immediately thought the scent was almost a perfect copy of my Mont Blanc Legend Night. I walked up to my wife, asked her what she thought and she immediately said she couldn’t believe they sold that there. She had convinced me to buy the Legend Night at Macy’s months ago. When I told her what this scent really was, she couldn’t believe it.

    I figured the scent wouldn’t last more that 20 minutes or so, walked out without buying and had lunch. After an hour and a half, I saw that it was still projecting, went back as we were leaving the grill and bought a bottle for a buck. Got home, put a few sprays on my wrist and on my neck area and it projected over 9 hours. 9 hours! My Mont Blanc Legend Night might project maybe 2 hours on a good day and it is known only as an intimate, close quarters fragrance. The longevity on this stuff is just amazing.

    Never tried Angel and couldn’t compare but this stuff smells exactly like my MB. Funny thing is, I looked it up and the EAD Astute has been around for some time and came out long before my $100 MB cologne. Now I got to try Angel to see if it might have inspired my MB Legend Night also. I’ve never been into purchasing knock off anything but I’m tempted to buy a case of this stuff.

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  1. Nice that they make a good scent
    I've picked up maybe three of them just to try, they're certainly worth what they cost but I didn't have as much luck with longevity with the ones I picked.
  2. I also picked up Raven Black by them yesterday but went blind as there were no testers. I like Kenneth Cole Black and it inspired this scent. I like their version, more citrus but pretty close. That scent lasted a few hours but did not have the longevity of the Astute scent. Worth a buck but Ill probably keep my EAD purchases with Astute for now.

    I really miss the old days where your expensive scents would last all day with one spray. Feel like I just waste a lot of money now when I buy one of my favorites.
  3. A lot of the best fixatives that make scent last are either allergens or expensive enough to have been replaced with synthetics, and/or have scents of their own that aren't compatible with modern sensibilities. So nothing works right anymore. Lots of people complain, but what are you gonna do.
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    Err. The $7 Belcams are pretty good, but the $1 EADs I've tried - their fake Spice Bomb for one - aren't as close.

    I mean, for a buck, it let's you know if you're interested.

  5. I will only vouch for the Astute for now. It is so close to my Legend Night, just can’t distinguish one from the other. I sprayed the Legend Night on one wrist and the Astute on the other this morning to gauge how similar the scents are throughout the day. Like I mentioned above, the EAD was supposed to be based on Angel not Legend Night. Have no idea if it smells like Angel and or if Legend Night smells like Angel. My wife just loves the scent and the EAD lasts all day.

    I’m not even sure if EAD knows their Astute smells like Legend Night.
  6. I always associate Angel with a girl that I dated in high school (she wore it all the time and I loved it), but they definitely do have a bunch of men's releases as well. I think they're all some version of 'A*men', I'm guessing the EAD might be a dupe of this regular one?
    A*Men Mugler cologne - a fragrance for men 1996
  7. They mentioned coffee scent in your link, the EAD definitely has a sweet tobacco scent to it. Next time I’m at the Macy’s or Nordstrom, I’m going to test the Angel brand to see how close it is. They could throw inspired by Legend Night on there and a lot of us Mont Blanc people would be happy.

    My Legend Night went from a 4 to 6 hour scent to a 2 hour scent. Can’t believe they reformulated it that quick, my guess is I just got an off batch one the last time. My second was genuine, the scent and box are the same, but I got the second one online, maybe it sat too long.
  8. There's a lot of overlap in those EAD scents depending on what notes they're trying to duplicate. Their "Aramis" and "Prada Luna Rosa" were very close, which is odd because those scents actually aren't close at all lol. Doesn't surprise me that their take on Mugler A*Men is similar to actual MB Legend Night.
  9. EAD has a really good one called "Enthral" that's a clone of Gucci Envy, which is discontinued and can only be found at very high prices.. it's actually not too bad.
  10. I love Aramis, do you remember what the EAD clone is called?
  11. Come to think of it, it wasn't EAD, but Jordache (the other $1 line of cheap clones they have at Dollar Tree.. they're each numbered, but don't have a name). I'd avoid it if you see it.. didn't smell like Aramis to me at all, more like a soapy Sung Homme kind of smell. Didn't even keep it..
  12. 10-4.
  13. the Aramis clone is Jordache men no.37.I like it ,it is about a quarter of the strength of the real thing and has about a 4-6 hour life span,The scent is not exactly Aramis,more like Aramis soap.Well worth a buck.

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