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I have just won a 7 Day Set of Razors made by Krup & hollowed Ground Hamburg I am going to have them sharpened cleaned & Honed but there is some Rust on them will they be able to get rid of it Ok Here is a picture, Thanksfile:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/eBayISAPI.dll.htm


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Those should clean up ok (in my inexpert opinion), but I'd think there'd be additional "restoration" charges. I mean, you can do just about anything you're willing to pay for :)

Even with paying to have them restored, that looks like a great deal. They look to be in decent condition. Hopefully they are!
They look like Ivory but only way to tell is to get a better picture of em
Nicely done, great deal! With a bit of higher grit sand paper those things should polish up quite nicely
I like 7 day sets, this one is nice because it is complete. If ivory that would obviously be a fantastic find, they will need some work to clean up and hone. Please post better pictures when you receive it.
I'll put money on that those scales are Ivory.

Nice score for 50 pounds.
Even if only one of them turn up to be usable you still scored, but looks like most if not all of them will clean up nicely.
Good show Eric! I gotta tell ya, I cleaned up many worst looking blades than what you have here. IMO, all 7 will come out very nice and you now have a good project to start with. There are various ways you can clean those blades, & just to keep it simple, you may opt to leave the schales in place (I would). FWIW, I never de-pin a razor to clean it up. You may be asking for trouble if you do...if the schales become damaged. I spoke about this subject a few weeks ago in this thread http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/295266-Cleaning-polishing

Again, there are various ways you can go about cleaning your razors. No one way is the right way. You'll have to decide what is best (& perhaps easiest) for you. Most of all, have fun with it. If you ever get to the point working on any one of them is no longer fun, stop right there. Set it down, walk away. You can come back to it when you have fresh eyes

For the most part, whenever I used my buffer to clean up a razor, I didn't stop until it was finished. Most never took me more than 10-15 minutes start to finish using those wheels, but then, I only use the two wheels, black and green compounds (emory & Cr0x)

A lot of the guys around here that clean up, hone and shave with the straights they buy from the wild, they'll use sand paper in multiple progressions. I never cared to use sandpaper for blade restoring, so I chose to go with buffing wheels. Again, no one way is the right way, but if you're the type that likes to use sand paper, that may just be the way for you to go

I'll say this. Using a buffing wheel has it's risks. I've never had a blade get away from me but it could happen. I start slow, feeding the blade to the wheel. I actually enjoy using this buffer. To each his own, but for me, the real joy I get working with razors is putting an edge on them. I started honing with coticules. I've also honed with lapping film but for me, the coticule edge is so much better. That said, film is cheap and if your face can tolerate the lapping film edge, it could very well be the way for you to go


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