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Drugstore colognes

I had a few minutes to spare before a doctor's appointment today. As I was driving, I saw a new Eckerd's drugstore, and I swerved into the parking lot. They had bottles of Pinaud's clubman aftershave and the clubman Bay Rum cologne, so I picked them both up for ~$10. I have never smelled either one - I'll let you know how they work out.

As I was checking out, the darling older lady working the register asked if they were for me. I told her yes, that there were some classics out there that some of us still appreciate. She replied that mostly older gentlemen buy these scents, and she thought perhaps I was buying them for my father....

She was actually very happy when I told her I still use a shaving brush, etc. She started telling me how she still has her father's brushes, etc. and it was nice that some of the old-fashioned rituals are still practiced.
isn't that a neat story....here we are spreading the good news one person at a time....

Some of our zealous nature can be overbearing to people....I just read somewhere tonight that most men really don't care about shaving...I suppose what they meant was most men see it as a neccessary evil of manhood and do not know the joys of a real shave...

Most of them have been enslaved to believe that to get a better shave you need more blades in your razor...and great lather only comes out of a can....

My neighbor who is about 30 years old..we starting talking about our collestions...he loves his WWII rifles and I enjoy looking at them too...we talk about my shaving collection and I showed him the SMF brush...he asked "is that cocobola wood, I have some pistol grips out of that....we proceeded to chat on and then he asked me "you really shave with a straight ?" NO a DE razor....we talked about ingrown hairs and smoothness and continued with the soaps and creams that I have and their intoxicating scents...

He said, one day let me come over and take a look at this stuff...I just had to smile and think here is another young soul looking for the truth when it comes to shaving. There is a generation lost out there, blinded by the shiny marketing sword of Gillette and searching for a better way.

When you run into an older person, they tend to smile and say" I didn't think anyone still did it that way." I like older folks.

On the way home today, I stopped at Walgreen's in search of injectoer blades....long story -short...the girl smelled the willaims soap and said boy that smells "clean"...I told her that it smells better than any of those canned creams and has better lubrication. I spoke of the other fragrances available. She was actually interested in it. But I kept it short so I wouldn't be overbearing with my zeal.


I'm glad you ran into her. She was a blessing to all of us.

I love Pinuad colognes. the one you have is so "clean" smelling...it's the only way to describe it...so is the vanilla and specail reserve. I have a bunch of them. Sometimes they need refreshing in the afternoon, but for 5 bucks a pop, you can't beat it....

Stephens is another brand sold at barber supply places that has that clean smell t it and so does Taylors Shave shop (my favorite)....

just wanted to share...

mark tssb
Just read this on the drugstore scents. I still use them, makes me remember when I was young, going to the barber shop with my grampa. I have a couple of the Pinuad scents but was wondering if anyone out there uses or has used any of the Lucky Tiger Brand and if so, could you let me know what you thought of them? I'm thinking of checking into some. They got a pretty cool site:


I love the old time advertisements.



I'm a big fan of Pinaud's products. I've got the Bay Rum, Lime Sec, Lilac Vegetal, & Clubman scents, as well as, the body talc. As mentioned earlier in this thread, they do require reapplication, but for the price, they are hard to beat.

I've also purchased several of the Crusellas colognes (Lucky Don Dinero, Rose, Tobacco, Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli, & Vetiver). These are also some very fun/cheap products.

With both brands, I frequently get comments on how good I smell.
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