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    I had the odd Dorco ST301 (orange wrapper) packed away in a sampler that came along with a DE razor I bought on the bay a few months ago. Even though skeptical, I threw it in my 2011 R4 and it yielded a great, super-smooth shave, followed by two more sensational shaves in my Fatip Piccolo fitted with a Weber Bulldog handle. I really didn't notice any considerable degradation after three shaves, which is on par with Med Preps for longevity in my case.

    I liked it so much I couldn't resist buying some more, even though I'm well-stocked on 'go-to' blades in the first place. The price is amazingly low as well.

    I have to hand it to Aimsport for his recommendation; these blades really pair nicely with more aggressive razors. :thumbup:
  1. New ST301s came in yesterday and I immediately noticed the wrapper was different, as was the printing on the blade, despite the outer packaging being the same. Also, there's a coating on these blades that wasn't present on the first blade. Today's shave was again with the 2011 and MWF, but this blade didn't seem as smooth or sharp - Something may have changed in the manufacturing process...

    Still a BBS shave with no irritation so the jury is out for the time being...
  2. Never tried those blades. In my R41 I have been using Gillette Platinum. Hope you manage to get good shaves from those, but probably you are right and something really changed in the manufacturing process.
  3. My experience was quite similar to yours. I received a Dorco 301 in a sampler. I think I tried it in a Gillette NEW. It was not that smooth and indeed I felt a bit of drag (no tugging or skipping). Nonetheless, the shave was fantastic -- almost the equal of Personna Med Prep.
    There is so much hate for Dorco blades on B&B, but I think they are pretty good. I did not rush out and buy more because I already have way too many blades ...
  4. Dorco blades are my guilty pleasure!

    In fact, in spite of the hate on B&B for this brand, Dorco blades are the only blades that I've bought multiple hundreds of. I'm waiting for my third hundred blade box to arrive!

    Dorco suit my skin, especially in the mighty 39c!

    Thanks for posting!
  5. I tried one for the first time yesterday on my 2013 r41. Excellent shave.
  6. ST301s paired fantastically in my Fatip this week. I hadn't used any in a while and wanted to revisit them. They're about as effective as Feathers for me in that razor, which is more or less the same pairing wise for me as my R41s. Counting my straight shaves I should have enough Dorcos to last my days and I'm happy I bought them in bulk!
  7. Looking to buy in bulk as well. Any suggestions?
  8. I picked up 100 on amazon for $8.50 shipped late last year.
  9. I am looking to get a brick of 100 or more. Love them
  10. For me, they're better than many on longevity. You can get a thousand for about 80 if you really like them ;-)
  11. Don't tempt me like that....if only I had the $80 to spend.....
  12. I second that. I've just done day 5 in R41 and I have yet to experience any degradation.
    I get great mileage from Derby Extra too.
    Lucky me - more money for MdC and some decent aftershaves.
  13. Lucky you is right! I haven't tried, but don't suspect I'd get that longevity with any blade in an R41.
  14. That's less than 2 cents a shave since you can get 100 packs for under $9!
  15. I find the ST300 100 packs are consistent. Rarely, I have had individual blades and batches of ST301 that felt like they weren't as smooth. Not bad, just not as great. As per manufacturer they are supposed to be the same exact blade... but, as you know, the R41 2011 has an uncanny ability to reveal the naked truth about a blade's performance. I'm going to revisit my ST301s and see if I can learn more.

    I buy the 100 packs of ST300 and don't worry. I know the next ST300 I put into an R41 is going to feel the same as my first ST300 I put in an R41. If I do my part in lathering, including dwelling on any former problem areas and giving the lather a little extra time to soften the beard, my shaves with ST300's feel almost bladeless. I know... I know...guys... I sound like a nut saying that about Dorcos.

    One more thing. Dorcos are stiffer blades. That helps the R41 2011 do what it does so well.
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  16. Very true. Also ironic that I have a hard time telling which I like better in mine: A Feather or Dorco. Completely opposite ends of the spectrum price-wise and very different feedback, but shockingly similar end results!
  17. I like traveling with the 301's. They're good for a couple shaves and then easy to dispose of or just keep tucked in the plastic case they come with. I usually use them with the Merkur 23C I bought when first starting out, but I've used them in a LC NEW as well and got good results.

    Every blade has its fans!

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