Dorco SE blades / titan pro touch any good?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by StuMcB, Mar 28, 2018.

    Any one used the Dorco SE blade as used for a Ikon SE or Cobra type razor? Are they any good.

    Again are the titan kai pro touch with the guard any good. I was thinking of using / trying them (or the feather pro guard) in my Claymore. Its agreat BBS razor but I want it to be just a tadge more user friendly.

    Any info appreciated
  1. After alittle research I've gone with the pro touch blades. Forgot I had afew quid in my PayPal account. But still wondering about the dorco.
  2. I like dorco se blades but they don’t fit most SE razor. I personally use them with my feather dx.

    I found them better than schick blades but not as good as feather pro.

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  3. Well I've loaded my Claymore with my recent purchase of Kai product blades which turned up this morning. As you can see in the pics the guard bar is quiet hefty and not the fine wire that's Wilkinson put on the UK protector blades years ago.

    Anyhow the shave with these blades is still very effective in the claymore and I still got a BBS but in 3 possess not my usual 2. Also maybe I was expecting to be able to use more pressure but either way I picked more nicks than usual. Too much confidence perhaps? The shave was smooth and effortless with this combo and I'll see how these pan out. Has it made my Claymore more than user friendly......its too early to say. IMG_20180331_121234123.jpg IMG_20180331_121423402~2.jpg IMG_20180331_121321253~2.jpg
  4. I did not care for the Dorco blades at all and ended up tossing the magazine to the bin.
    The Feather and Schick proline work very well for me. I only tried the kai mild blades and was underwhelmed.
  5. As stated before, the Dorco blades have a problem fitting most safety razor type Feather AC razors. The guide hole on one side is slightly shorter than the other side and so will not fit right. Ironically, it fits the Ikon El Jefe because of the design flaw. It will work in the Feather type shavettes (DX, SS, CJB, IBC, etc) and will give a good shave, but does not last as long as a Feather.
  6. They are way cheaper and last as long for me. YMMV i guess :)

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  7. Should have pifed to someone !

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  8. Sorry I didnt post sooner,been having an affair with a bullet top.

    Wel after 8 shaves with the pro touch my verdict is.........meh! The shave quality is superb with this razor but the pro touch dont really seem to do a fat lot, obviously YMMV. Still a damn fine blade, and I haven't tried it anything else yet. But again bang for buck? I'll be sticking with regular kai and schick AC type blades.
  9. I would only pif stuff that is of good quality.
  10. Obviously your opinion, i like them.

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