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Done With Buying

I came into wet shaving with the idea I needed to find one or, at max, two of pretty much everything required (razor, soaps brushes, aftershaves, et al.) and then simply have a routine. I feel I'm there now and have no desire, certainly no need, to have as much as I already do. I'll continue using what consumables I have and when they're gone some will be replaced, some will not.
I have plenty of gear to make it the rest of the year, if not longer. I also have all of my acquisition disorders in remission and will be working on reducing some hardware inventory.

I don’t want or need any new hardware and once my soap stash has been reduced, I will be on the buy to replace plan.
I am not an entrant to sabbaticals, forswearing, or the like, but I do not mind saying that my stuff seems adequate. I have two razors I like (DE89 and AS-D2), two brushes I like (BK4 and T2), three soaps I like (Half a puck each of TOBS sandalwood and PdP and a sampled but fundamentally new MdC Fougere that I plan to use as my regular soap once the others are gone), a few Crystals, PIRs, and Feathers which will someday be winnowed to only Crystals, and two and a half 800 ml jugs of 4711, an atypical bulk purchase induced by pandemic fear. The multi-plate razors like Rockwell intrigue me, as do some vintage Gillettes, but the comfortable BBS my AS-D2 just gave me dissuades me from acting on the intrigue.
Despite having all I need for probably 3 - 4 years, my acquisition disorders are still in full bloom. Up until late Summer I'd been in remission for years, but I ran out of blades, and in researching which to buy I've gone completely overboard. On everything. I've put up 8 new shelves in my bathroom over these last few months. With several aftershaves in the mail to me now, those shelves will be completely full: About 20 razors, 30 soaps/creams, a dozen or so aftershaves, a couple of lathering bowls, etc. Not to mention a ton of samples. I'm going to try to stick to: "If you can't keep it out where you can use it, it's got to go, and nothing new can come in until there's room for it." I really don't want to have cupboards and storage bins holding stuff. Wish me luck!
I haven't bought anything for months now....couple of days ago, I walked into
a Santa Maria Novella boutique and walked out with a tub of their awesome
shaving croap.

It is so good that I am thinking of getting another, you know, just in case. :biggrin1:

2020 was a **** year...needed something to lift my spirits, and SMN was it!
My plan for 2021 is the same as it was for 2020.......to sell more than I buy, so that at the end of the year, I will have either spent nothing on shaving or I will have turned a profit, like I did in 2020. At this point, why limit myself to just restraint? I have enough stuff that I can easily end the year with LESS stuff than I started with, and turn a profit, too. Win-win.
Ditto, and also looking to trade some things away in order to try other products.
Like a few others here I boldly enlisted in the 2021 Purchasing Sabbatical (after failing the December Gentlemanly Restraint I might add...).

My objective is to 3017 some consumables and reduce the hardware to 4 brushes and 4 razors. Over the last few years I have enjoyed the process of accumulating a decent stash of shaving gear. However, during the last few months I've had a growing desire to simplify things in a "coming full circle" kind of way.
I think I am finished, for now. I have enough soap, brushes, DE/SE blades, SRs, DEs. and GEM razors to last the rest of my life.

But I don't have any injector razors yet.


I’m going to test mysel and purchase no new products except for soaps when I finally need to. I’ve got enough blades to last me for many years and my soaps will probably last for 3 or 4 years. I’ve no desire to get another razor. My modest collection serves me well. And I’ve got two boar brushes that I rotate. AS products will last for awhile. Who else here is all done with buying for awhile?
I entered the 2021 Shaving purchases Sabbatical this year. Haven't bought anything and intend on buying nothing for the remainder of the year.
I have spent more than most folks and just bought a Razorock Lupo and have over 40 razors and I did not need this last purchase but it has all the strengths of a good razor so I went ahead, also had some money built up in cash back on my telephone and credit card and just spent it.
Do I need any more gear not really, will I purchase any more gear I doubt it until Black Friday possibly. I will just enjoy these razors I have. Do I regret buying shave gear NO!!
I like to keep this hobby " healthy part of my life " so to avoid going crazy with this nd that and everything beyond, I enrolled in the GRUYERE and GRUME.

This will give me bearings as to what I actually need/ like, so future purchases are mindful.

I have a great bowl for lather in my 1st purchase, so I'm done with bowl/ scuttles purchase for good.
Other than that, I'm still starstruck with the soaps and brushes.

I'm nowhere near the stage/ understanding where I'm ' fed up of ' purchase, but I'm taking it slow.
I think I am finished, for now. I have enough soap, brushes, DE/SE blades, SRs, DEs. and GEM razors to last the rest of my life.

But I don't have any injector razors yet.
Brother chuckd,

You are an incomplete shaver if you have never used an injector. They are very nice, and the Schick injector blades (made in China) are often found in small independent drug stores, and of course on Amazon.

If you have tough whiskers, may I recommend a vintage Schick Injector off ebay, models Type E through Type G, and if you have soft whiskers Type H through O? The most common, inexpensive, and easy to find are Types E, G, I, J, and L. Model M is an adjustable injector if you like adjustable razors.
At first, when I returned to DE shaving, there was just too much choice. I learned as a teen-ager on a Fatboy, so I bought one of those. I still have the same brush that I bought at Floris in London in 1971. So after rebadgering, I was set. I rooted around on Etsy and found the perfect lather bowl. And an art deco froggy blade bank.

So that left me with blades, soaps and creams, and aftershaves. I tested scores of blades and found one brand I consistently love: Gillette Silver Blue. I am happy with 4711 Cologne used as an AS splash 90% of the time. I've got two other *** that I like, Fine Italian Citrus and Speick, for when I use their matching soaps or creams.

I went nuts on soaps and creams. I ordered everything, and I was indifferent to or downright turned off by almost all of them. Something needed to be done. I sat down and gathered the also-rans into a big box and PIFed it away.

I then concentrated on what I had left. Almost all were rose or citrus scents, so that's all I buy now. And not much of it. I did a year-long restraint just to break the habit of buying everything, and now I have a rotation of 6 or so soaps and a cream or two, with a couple of pucks in reserve.

So I'm not completely done with buying, but I have a nice set-up to work through, happy at every shave.
Being a minimalist i finished purchasing supplies shortly after starting, no plans to purchase any more. That was over a year ago.
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