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Does your face adapt to a new way of shaving?

You know how electric razor companies have always claimed that you need to use their razor for a month or so for your face to adapt? Is there any real proof that your face/skin does that? What do you think? Is it more along the lines that your technique improves with regular use and the skin stays the same?

Just using the electric razor spiel for an example. Curious about all types of razors and ways of shaving...

I'm really in the "I don't know" camp. A couple of years ago when I started getting some skin problems on my face, I went to WTG passes full time. I had what felt like quite a bit of stubble left over for weeks. Then something changed and my shaves seemed to get progressively closer with the WTG passes. This has continued to today.

Curious if anyone else has had similar experiences or knows anything about this stuff...
Yes I would say so. I think our skin adapts but it could also just be us working out the quirks of a new razor etc based off the feedback on our skin till we mitigate irriation etc.
Put me in the skin does NOT "adapt" camp. Technique does. So does expectations. Take a very crappy first shave, add a month of technique to learn the lay of the land, and then sprinkle on some lowered expectations accumulated from the previous poor to mediocre shaves... then you have that electric shave that feels "pretty darn ok" at the end of a month.

A subconscious lowered expectation is a powerful way to manipulate the human brain. It's kinda like going a week without shaving when you usually shave 4-5 times a week. When you first shave off that irritating stubble, it feels like the closest shave you've ever had. When you start to feel stubble again 6-8 hours later (like normal), you wonder if the shave really was that good. When you feel more stubble than you're used to 24 hours later, you realize the shave wasn't that close after all.

Slightly different circumstances, same concept. It's not the skin adjusting, it's expectations when you go from a wet shaving to an electric. I've tried a few different electrics in days long ago. None of them ever came evern kinda sorta close to a Mach 3.
Skin adapts
I get best shaves if I shave daily.
If I skip a day or two, I get weepers. My technique doesen't go bad in 2 days...
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