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Does anyone wear a Rolex as their daily timepiece?

A few years ago, for my 40th birthday, my wife gave me a very nice Rolex Oyster Perpetual. I have never worn it for fear that it is too valuable, and that it could get scratched, lost, or stolen. Anyone else wear theirs out and about on a regular basis (or not)?


I wear mine every day - even when I am out fishing. I have it insured, however.

That was a wonderful gift from you wife.


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Put it on and wear it. It was certainly a lovely gesture by your wife and it is a shame to have your watch sitting in the safe or in your sock drawer. I wear my Submariner regularly in rotation with a couple of other pieces.
She actualy LETS you get away with not wearing it???

Put it on and wear it every day. Because in the end, it is just a nice watch
She actualy LETS you get away with not wearing it???

Put it on and wear it every day. Because in the end, it is just a nice watch
Exactly. I've heard it said that if you stress about losing or breaking it, you can't afford it. Don't let things 'own' you. Wear it. Enjoy it. If it breaks, scratches, or stops working, get it fixed. I've had a comparable watch for about 5 years (10yr anniversary gift from wife) and have had to have the bracelet buffed out twice. In the end, it's worth it.
I feel the same way about watches as I do about razors, cars and clothes, etc. - use it or lose it. Watches, especially most Rolexes, are designed to survive in the real world. It's far more likely to go bad if the movement is left unwound.
I'll preface my comment by saying I don't own a Rolex, or any other brand of watch in that bracket.

OP, I take it your wife is aware you've never worn it. How does she feel about it? I'm sure she bought the watch for you to wear and enjoy. Also, as you've never worn it, would it not still retain most/all of it's original value? If you explained to your wife that you felt a bit uncomfortable wearing such a valuable item, perhaps you could sell the Rolex and she could pick out something you would feel happy to wear.

If the roles were reversed, you having given your wife an expensive piece of jewellery, would you feel happy knowing she felt it was too valuable to wear and enjoy?
I've worn mine (with a few exceptions) since 1977, when I got it. Given that I paid something like $700 for it (someone got it for me with their employee discount) and seeing what the replacement would cost today. I occasionally think that maybe I shouldn't wear it all the time. Then, like the others have said, I figure that it's made to be used, so I use it.
Wear it! My grandfather gave me his father's Omega. At first, I never wore it because I was afraid to damage it. When I explained this to my grandfather, he said "What are you saving it for? Wear it, it's just a f**ing watch!" I think he was right. Just wear it and enjoy it!

Also, my father was recently robbed and they took his expensive watch, which he carefully kept in a drawer. If my great-grandfather's watch is on my wrist, at least I know it is safe. Maybe I was traumatized by the experience.
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I bought a used Rolex 10 years ago, also for $700. I didn't wear it when I first got and owned a restaurant. I thought that employee envy would give them a license to the register, then.

I now wear it everywhere, except if I'm going somehwere where it would make me a target.
A friend of mine bought a BMW that he'd wanted for years, it was his dream car and he loved it. The problem was that he was scared that something would happen to it, so it sat in his garage until a few years later when he was diagnosed with cancer. He sold it at a loss even though it had very few miles on it and died within a year and a half of selling it. All I'm saying is that if something has a chance to make you happy, use it. If you don't, then whoever gets it next will. There's no point in "saving" it.


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I've worn mine just about every day for the past seventeen years (it was a ten year wedding anniversary gift). I have never been gentle with it, yet it still looks new. I find Rolex watches to be built to last. There is no reason to baby one.