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Does anyone have T&H Brush or EJ Brush, Are they good?

Hi Boys,

I need a big big help from you guys,

I just wondering if everyone have a T&H Super brush which is made by Rooney (I think) or Edwin Jagger Super brush in Medium or large brushes? Are they both good? I want to buy my 2nd brush.

you think I should take large size is ok?

I don't know what to do? Do you think T&H Regency Brush are suppose to be good or EJ brush is the best?

What about T&H silvertip badger style 1, are this good idea?

Choose either one of these brushes and let me know.

Chris A:confused1
I have an EJ large Super. It's my regular brush and a real scrubber. It may not be as dense as people like but it works just fine for me and holds gobs of lather.
I have an EJ Best Badger (the C&E rebrand) and they are by far the most highly recommended "starter" brush here. It is an excellent brush, soft, but good with soaps. It holds tons of lather. well made. Mine does shed hairs about 1 every use however (and I've had it for years).

Great all round brush for someone who's just starting out and doesn't know what style of brush they like yet.
I bought a large EJ BB and used it until I got a Shavemac. The EJ was great with cream and soap and produced truck loads of lather. I still use it every now and then when I feel like slapping on a 6" thick layer of lather!!
I own three brushes,
#1, EJ large super=very soft, large loft.
#2, T+H 1/1 silver, dense and soft
#3, T+H 1/2 silver dense and slightly less firm.
I like the EJ but love the Rooney made T+H. I love the classical style, the 1/1 feels firmer due to shorter loft but both whip up tons of lather from any medium. I have very large hands and I am comfortable with the 1/1 or 1/2. Awesome brushes soft tips, firm spine. I use the T+H 1/1 as my daily especially as I travel for work. Perfect! Heartily recommend the T+H,

enjoy your choice, shave well
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