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Does a Fat Tech, shave differently than a Ball End Tech?

Hey Everyone, I don't think I have seen this question asked before:

Does a Gillette Fat Handle Tech shave differently than a Gillette Ball End Tech?

I presently have two Ball End Techs, but really like the look of the older fat handled tech.

In terms of the shave alone, is there any benefit in owning both? :cool:


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Yes they will shave differently. Now, the head is the most important part of the razor. If you are using the shame head with different handles, there will be some kind of continuity on the shave but it will be different.

You might not hold the handle the same way. Heavier/lighter, that might change how easy the razor will slide on your cheek. Again, the head is the main element doing the shave but the handle will add a variation in how you shave.

The way I see it. You have a vintage car, you change some parts in it, it will still get you from A to B but a bit differently.
It feels, to me, that the blade exposure is slightly different. The balance is also different, making the razor contact the skin differently as well.
I think the handle on the Ball End Tech is a little heavier than the handle on the Fat Handle Tech, due to the Ball End handle being solid metal. Having said that, the shave might differ some, but probably not a lot. The older Tech head with the triangular safety bar slots is said to be more aggressive than the later Tech heads.
I have a Fat Tech with the triangular safety bar slots and it does seem to have a bit more bite than the newer British Aluminum Handle Tech with the newer slots.

One disclaimer, though, I've never actually used one and then the other back to back with the same brand of blade. Could be that the different blades have made the difference.

I like my Fat Tech a lot and would never give it up, even though it's a part timer for me.
Yep, not all Tech heads are the same. Just another variable in the mix.
Many do feel that the triangle slotted heads provide a better shave.
The heavier techs seem to shave better for me. To be honest, I can't tell the difference between the triangle slots and the regular.
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