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Do you believe this?


Here I am, 1st again.
Here is a man I went to grade school with him.

He is 70 years old with all this weight on him.

Could he have really picked up all this weight?

$Jim Hadley weight.jpg
I'll be 56 next month. I have done sets of leg presses of 20 reps each in the past year with that same weight, but it was in a prone leg press machine. I can't fathom how he got as far away from the rack that he would have needed to use to get that Olympic bar on his shoulders to start the exercise. It appears that he's quite a distance from any rack or any spotters. I no longer use that much weight as it triggered a fierce case of tendinitis in both knees. It's conceivable that someone could squat with that much weight at his age, but I can't imagine it without a Smith machine or similar rack. This seems fishy, but not impossible. The photo doesn't reveal enough of the room to be sure. That the photo suggests he took quite a few steps away from any rack leaves me doubtful. Lifting 670 (don't forget the weight of the bar), then walking 5 or more steps before starting to do a squat is a bridge too far....
With a gut like that, and no belt on he is looking for trouble for sure, I really find that pic hard to believe.
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I did some research on those plates. No way are they 45 pounds...The Rouge plates are a lot thicker at 45 lbs. I've come to the conclusion they are 25 lb plates. 25X14= 350 + the bar at 45 is: 395 LBs. Its a lot of weight for an old guy, but I think it is doable.
When I first saw the picture I had to go in lay down and eat some jelly beans. Still traumatized over the whole affair!:lol:
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