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Do I really need hot water???

I am Hilo, HI and as you can guess it is warm and humid. I usually take a cold shower in the morning and a cold bath at night. If I take a hot shower I am sweating the second I get out. I do use hot water on my brush, but I just can see taking a hot shower.

Will my beard soften up the same hot or cold? I don't seem to have a problem shaving, but am I missing something by going cold?

As long as you prep your beard well after your shower and just before the shave, I see no reason why there would be any detriment to your shaving.

It takes about 5 seconds to open your pores with some hot water, and much longer to really get your beard mosturized and the temp of the water isn't going to effect the moisturization much I don't think. If you use some kind of conditioner on your beard in the shower, then opening the pores with hot water for a time will be all you need for a very good prep. In my opinion, that is. Everyone is different!
Hi King!
Just remember the point of prep is to soften the beard so that it shears more easily. Does cold water soften your beard as quickly as hot? I can understand your preference for cooling, less humid situations.. The choice is really yours.
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