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DIY Knot Setting - Proper sizing!

I'm hoping this helps at least a few people figure out how to properly shop for a handle & knot separately!

The most common issue I see is people coming to me with a custom handle that has an opening of exactly 26mm. While many think a 26mm knot is the logical choice, more often than not I'll recommend a 24mm knot for that size handle. Even though a 26mm knot is technically 25.5mm at the bottom of the glue base most times so that it can fit in a 26mm opening, often time you'll want a bit of buffer room so you can set the knot deeper in the handle easier. With the density knots are packed with nowadays, the chance of small glue bumps, it really makes the most sense to leave a bit of buffer room (1mm on each side can be nice, especially if you're setting knots 12mm+ deep).

Setting a 26mm knot in a 26mm handle opening usually limits you to only setting the glue base, at 10mm deep. From my experience, unless you're looking for a very easy splaying brush, this probably isn't an ideal setting height for most people. You'll notice a majority of european makers will set things around 52-54mm (or even less sometimes!).

For custom handles - it might make the most sense to send the knot to your artisan before hand if they'll allow it! That way they can ensure perfect fit.

For non-custom handles - always get your handle opening specs! then reach out to someone like me if you'd like help fitting, or simply give yourself a buffer of 1.5mm - 3.5mm for a safe fit.

tl;dr leave a bit of buffer room for deeper knot setting when buying a handle & knot separately!
I like to have a 26mm knot set with a 48 to 50mm loft. I like them a little tight. After they are broken in they still splay but not as much as some like. Now I've only set maybe 30 knots in my time so I'm far from a pro. It's all about what a person prefers. I will go as far as to set my knot with a few coins under it and just a spot of glue to test it. After that, I know how a knot will work. I also like to drill out a handle a bit deeper so that I can drop in a few quarters to give it more weight. JMO.

And always have a bigger hole than your knot. It gives room to play. 1 or 2mm is best.
Thank you! I’ve ordered a 24mm G5A knot from you and the handle for it is sold as “for 24-26mm knots”. Crossing fingers I guessed right!
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