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Dismantling a Gillette adjustable

Evening All!

I just received a very used Gillette adjustable razor that I had purchased on line. Can anyone direct me to a post that can walk me through dismantling said razor, so that I can get at all the nasty bits?


Whats the date code? After the E code 1959, Gillette switched from a lock nut to a crimped on cap. The razors with the lock nut, the lock nut can easily be removed with a pair of needle nose pliers and then the the silo doors with their long rod can be pulled out the top. With the razor now field stripped the barrel can be cleaned of the soap scum (yuck) tha can accumulate. The late razor when you grip the crimped on cap it just turns but doesn't loosen and I havn't had the desire to force it off. But if anyone comes up with a way to remove and replace the cap I'd like to hear it.
There was a guy trying to stip down a Superspeed, I wonder if he ever got that inversed phillps screw out??
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