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Derby usta Vs Derby premium

Hi gents
Just curious as to which Derby is the better blade Derby usta or Derby premium? How do you rate them in terms of sharpness and smoothnes?
check out this thread i made the other day mate, hpefully will help :)

whats the difference between these derby de blades?
I like Derby Premiums; for me they are mild, smooth blades that work well in most of my razors. They are not among the sharpest blades, but I'd rate them as at least average or a little better in terms of sharpness. Based on some positive reviews, I tried the Ustas but honestly didn't care for them. To me, the Ustas shaved very much like Derby Extras; not horrible, but noticeably rougher and less sharp than the Premiums.

There has been a lot of speculation about what exactly the Ustas are; i.e. are they just either Extras or Premiums packaged and labeled for the Turkish market, or something different altogether? Again, to me, they felt much more like Extras than Premiums, but others have a different experience and opinion. Whatever they are, I much prefer the Derby Premiums to the Ustas.
Relatively I'd rate Premiums as contingently 7 on sharpness and 4 on smoothness - sharp enough but not the smoothest for me. Works in some razors better than the others.
Ustas gave me alternative impression - 4 on sharpness and 7 smoothness. They're pretty comfortable but do tend to tug a bit. Ustas also won the lottery for me as the only blade (although it was just one) that stopped removing stubble altogether on second use. As in I do a pass and the stubble is still in place. Never experienced anything like that before (and after) so must've been a defective blade.

In general nothing special about either of them, pretty average blades not worth extra effort to get, but won't hurt to try a pack given the chance.


I am enjoying the Premiums in a Karve Brass OC razor lately. The first shave is the harshest, but after the first shave they seem to get a tad sharper and smooth out. I also have Ustas...they are good for the price, but am currently favoring the Premiums.
I just tried a Derby Premium yesterday due the first time and I was pleasantly surprised on how smooth it was. Very similar to a Vokshod that I used. Both blades were bought from try a blade. Still prefer the Feather by a mile but not bad

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Derby Platinum is an OK blade. If I compare Derby razor series, I may say about agressiveness the following;

Derby Premium> Derby Usta> Derby Extra
I have roughly a 100 of each. If a gun is pressed to my head I prefer the Premium's based on their smoothness, but the USTAs are not bad blades either. I consider them both upper medium-tier blades.

Looking at my notes I seem to get 3 really good shaves from a USTA and then they seem to degrade. I typically get slightly more shaves from my favorites but the 3 nice shaves are very nice.
This thread clearly illustrates the "your mileage may vary" principle. For me, the Usta are on par with the Nacets. Very sharp, very smooth (Usta means Master in Turkish - or to be more precise, someone who is a pro at their trade). I was so enamored with them, I ordered another 300.
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