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Greeting Clark,

I use an alum stick that was purchased from a natural pharmacy. It is odorless and doesn't cause irritation - problem I have with any main brand product. As for fragrance, I let my body soap, after shave, and cologne handle that.
I agree on letting other products do the fragrance work, so I go for an unscented anti-persp/deodorant. Am finding that Mitchum gel works quite well. Its not "natural" though. But then, "naturally" we are supposed to stink :biggrin:

Unless its a problem with irritation, I personally don't see anything wrong with the ingredients used in most deodorant/anti-perspirants. I've looked at the research papers, and the jury is still out about whether the aluminum based products pose a cancer risk. When you think about it though, in the big picture, what are we exposed to every day that doesn't pose the slightest increased risk of cancer? Pretty much everything has the potential to do it.

My decision is to stay away from the things that GREATLY increase the risk of cancer, like smoking :) and live the rest of my life rather than fear everything.

That said, I've heard that Whole Foods markets have a good natural crystal deodorant. Try checking that out.
Jeftichew said:
I've heard that Whole Foods markets have a good natural crystal deodorant. Try checking that out.

This is the product I was referring to. It's ingredients list is Natural Mineral Salts and Alum.
I used to use it a long time ago, and it worked really well back then. Then during my stint in the military I switched to stick or spray. I may however turn back to the good old days.
Greetings Clark,
This does work well for me. I usually carry a travel pack of Antibacterial Wet Ones in my pack when I'm hiking or know I'll be sweating. I have not had any irritation ever since I stopped using mainstream deodorant.
I have run the gamut.

Finally settled on Crystal Rock Alum and Superior 70 Bay Rum. I spray Superior 70 under each pit and apply the alum over the top. Cheapest and most effective deo to date.
I have never had the need to use deodorant or anti-antiperspirant.

For some odd reason I do not seem to have any odor, even after a few days out in the woods.

Now I been known to sweat like a fire hydrant on a street corner in Brooklyn on the 4th of July but there is no odor associated with it.


Holy dredging up old posts batman....

Mick is an alien.

It has come in handy when hunting and the deer pass within feet of me without taking any notice what so ever.

I recall falling asleep in the afternoon sun one hunting session only to be woken by snorting as they tried to figure out why that large rock was snoring.

Now they all scattered every which way when I snapped awake and started muttering to a herd of deer just feet from me.
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