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Den Clearing - straight, brush knot, brush handle, Myrsol!

Clearing some room. The only thing I'd be interested in as far as trade would be a Razorock Lupo DC head. Otherwise, here's what I got. All prices shipped. I take PayPal.

Gold Dollar P81 half carbon straight razor in camel bone scales. This one will need a hone - it's technically "shave ready" but hasn't been chopping my chin whiskers as well as it should as of late so will need a run on the rocks. Scales are on nicely and feel great in the hand but the spacer doesn't sit as well as it should. Looking for $30 shipped CONUS on this one.


Turn n Shave 26mm shoat knot (i.e., fancy boar knot) set in a PAA Switchback aluminum blank. This will screw onto your PAA ShaveRite 210 or Rubberset 400 handle. $34 shipped CONUS.


Horn brush handle. 26mm. Cleaned and ready to take a knot. $24 shipped CONUS.


Myrsol Don Miguel 1919 aftershave. Smells great - starts off kind of like Floid Suave but then has a more jasmine smell on the dry down. I really dig it, but I've got sooooo many bottles of Myrsol I still need to go through. Still 98% full - I only used it 2-3 times. $40 shipped CONUS.

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