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Days off?


Just wondering how many days off a week you take from shaving. I always gage it by what I am doing on the weekend. I shave at least 5-6 days a week.
I shave about 4-5 days a week. Usually take the weekends off and give my face a small break. Also it's more fun to shave 2 days worth of beard haha
I shave daily. I have never considered taking days off, although I do have a beard these days, so I am shaving less.

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I shave Monday-Thursday and sometimes Saturday. Almost never shave a Friday and once a month on Sunday.

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At least six days a week. Sometimes I skip Saturday but lately I shave everyday. Before I bought a DE I would skip every chance I could get. Now I look forward to shaving everyday.
My beard grows very slowly. I only shave every other day. If I have something that I need to shave for on one of my off days, I will skip the day before it.
I'm retired, so I don't have to shave for work every day. I don't have too heavy a beard, so I can a great shave with no irritation every 36 hours. I usually shave at night, unless I have a lunch date, so I average a suave every two days. Gives my skin time to regroup.
Depending on my hardware, usually 3 off, four on.
Every other evening Sunday through Thursday, then Saturday morning.
Every day, but one yhe weekends the time may vary. I do it when I have time to do it right. Orbit might be the day of the week I try something new. For instance, today I used my Gillette slim adjustable. Monday it will be back to the Tech, my daily driver.
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