Damn Comfortable Shave

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    Mine is going to be. One way or the other. :tongue_sm

  2. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    Maybe it's something in the air today?

    Is that point sharp? Does if bother you at all?

    Happy shaves to everyone, especially today,

  3. The point is very sharp and perfect for micro moves.
  4. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    So, sounds like the point is not just no problem, but an asset!

    Happy shaves,

  5. Yes, so I am developing some different ways of using the blade each time I shave. Yesterday I used both hands. It is the same idea as cleaning paint off glass if you think about it. You do whatever it takes.
  6. French Garantie 4/8
    Can’t complain given this was my first use. This size is easier for under the nose.

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  7. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    This old shaving book I read, Shaving Made Easy, link to the little book here, says to use a 4/8. It's an interesting read. Is everything it says right? I don't know, but why would it be.

    Happy shaves,

  8. I believe men tend to think bigger in all things is better. Women respond it's how you use it that counts. :2guns:

    Someone said that with a wide blade there is more room to accumulate lather. Some say the added weight help with tough man whiskers. All this begins to sound like the "I need an aggressive razor" posts...LOL!! Obviously a more narrow blade is going to be more easy turning the corners just as a VW can turn a corner easier than a "semi".
  9. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    Friday my shave was again stellar. Not perfect, but stellar.


    Hey, Joel @Johnnynroy, my E-2 is a great razor. That's not news, but it is worth saying again. I know the Type E-2 razors vary a lot, but I got a great one. So easy to use. So comfortable. So not aggressive (that is, not prone to biting me). It allows multiple comfortable passes so I can get a good, close, smooth shave.

    This brush has become stellar, too. Wholly Kaw is, of course, a perfect soap.

    A good-close-smooth-shave is, as I use it, a relative term. GCSS?

    Happy shaves,

  10. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    Over the weekend I will watch the videos which are the subject of this honing thread, linked. Film lapping but that's okay with me even though I'm starting with synthetic stones.

    I now have my basic Japanese waterstone set, and bevel setter, professional grade straight edge (the later is heavy and clearly the real deal), and stone-holder.


    The razor is to compare something visually with the straight edge in terms of thickness. It's a Schöne razor. You can read more about this 5mm thick Premium Straight Edge on the vendor's website, linked. It's thick, big, long, and heavy. Just the tool for checking the flatness of stones and anything else where you need to know you have a real straight edge or flat surface.

    I am not fixing to hone anything just yet.

    Happy shaves,

  11. I was watching a French 4/8 on the bay and I think it had 3 days to go. I figured @steveclarkus would outbid me so I kept looking :001_302: Picked up a 4/8 from Japan last night. Can’t wait for it to get here.
  12. It wasn’t me, it was Twelvefret. I wanted to but I was bidding on a 4/8 Dubl Duck and the Garantie timed out before I gave up on the Dubl Duck. Japanese 4/8. Can’t wait to see that. Be sure to post photos on the
    Acquisitions thread. If you guys end up not liking 4/8s, I’ll know where to get some cheap.
  13. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    [QUOTE="steveclarkus, post: 9853319, member: 29If you guys end up not liking 4/8s, I’ll know where to get some cheap.

    I was thinking the same thing.
  14. So, thoughts on how the E-2 stacks up to your other razors?

    I have two favorite razors right now, both loaded with Schick Proline blades. One has the B loaded, the other the P. I need to load a Proline in my other injectors to determine if my infatuation with this current injector is the razor, the blade, or the combo. I'm having a hard time using other razors while I'm getting such excellent shaves.

    And each blade is far over 10 shaves. I remember deciding 10 was the limit on the Proline P, but I'm easily at 14 right now. Might be much higher. I stopped counting at 8.

    Oh, I got a new brush this past week. I attached a picture, hopefully that works. It's a Turn N Shave with quartermoon tuxedo knot. I wish it was set 5 mm deeper for more backbone, but that might be too much backbone. Hard to know. I got it off the bst and it has quickly found a permanent home in my den. It scrubs well enough, but is so soft. Whips up an insanely slick lather very easily, and from almost no product. I'll be getting another knot with a different design from Milton at some point. Very satisfied with this purchase. SWMBO didn't get worked up about it (miraculously).
    Enjoy the shaves all!

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  15. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    It's probably the razor I'd rank the highest right now, Joel, of the razors I've used.


    Certainly the Schick E-2 would be in the running and highly seated in any shave-off.

    I say that considering how well it achieves a number of objectives and how it answers a number of questions.
    • Is the razor reliable so that shaves are consistently much the same?
    • Is the razor unlikely to bite you?
    • Does the razor lend itself to an easy and pleasant shave?
    • Is the razor one which can be used quickly and without much attention to its idiosyncrasies?
    • Can I throw the razor about on my face and neck with reckless abandon?
    • Does the razor have an easily found and used design angle?
    • Can the razor be used successfully and easily at angles other than the design angle?
    • Is the razor reasonably efficient?
    • Are the blades easy to obtain?
    • Are the blade inexpensive?
    • Can the razor be easily maintained?
    • Is the razor mild enough so that enough passes can be made to get a smooth, close shave?
    • Is the razor fun to use?
    • Does the razor have an adequate cool factor?
    • Is the handle an asset rathe than a drawback?
    • Are its shaves comfortable?
    • When I use the razor is it true that I don't get the neck itch I get with many razors?
    • All things considered are other razors unlikely to generate more yes answers to these questions?
    The L-3 is just about as great a razor with the TWIN blade, but the blades are not inexpensive nor are they easily obtained (relatively speaking). I probably like its handle a bit more.

    Several of my DE razors and AC razors are also very, very good. It really would be hard to say any of them get as many yes answers as my old Schick Type E-2.


    I'm not ready to crown any razor. No razor is as efficient as I'd like a razor to be. I'm hoping to learn to shave better with the SR than I can with any safety razor.

    Still, the E-2 establishes a very high standard when everything is thrown into the mix and all things are considered. It is an extremely well balanced razor in that it does everything well and has no drawbacks. It's especially easy to shave with and comfortably allows enough passes, yet, at the same time is efficient enough so I can get by with a quick shave if I need to.
    I will of course use a bunch of razors, but the E-2 is my benchmark for a razor balancing everything a great safety razor should accomplish and be.

    Happy shaves,

  16. I am very happy to see the Schick E type revived interest. For me, it beats all other razors from the same 1930's era in safe and effective use. Even ATG use is effortless and easy. Have few if any moving parts. there is not much to gum up or damage. It is also the first true fat handle that so many say they enjoy.
  17. Today’s shave was exceptionally pleasant.

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    Great report, Schick E2 is surely a great razor IMO also.
  19. Oh, I’m going to like it ... just because :001_rolle It shows that it shipped so maybe a week or two out.
  20. Depending on blade choice the E2 might be a bit more efficient than the MMOC but I don't find it as pleasant to use. Thus I reach for the E2 rarely while I have three MMOCs and they stay in my regular rotation.

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