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Custom Shaving Soap Dish from Etsy

Just got this in today. Commissioned from Pottersong off of Etsy.

I've been looking for the perfect shaving soap dish. Started with a coffee cup, but it was way too tall and narrow, leading to clanking brushes and poor loading. Then I got an Old Spice mug, which was an improvement, but still too tall and narrow. I picked up some ramekins, which were shallow enough, but they were too wide or too narrow and I wanted a handle.

So I found Pottersong and asked for a custom dish, 3.5" wide and 1.5" deep, with a handle. About a month later, it was ready.

It's really well made. Nice matte black finish. A little swirl pattern at the bottom. There's a great subtle bulge and lip that should help keep proto lather in. Nice and lightweight too.

Amazingly, it was only $22. Really a great deal.

First soap, I decided to grate some Arlington and press it in. The width is perfect, not too wide or narrow. The little bulge and lip fits a swirling brush nicely. And the wide base sits great on my wire rack shelf.



Worked really well this morning.

I'm surprised nobody's all that interested in this. People go nuts over Old Spice mugs and scuttles but there are lots of face latherers out there.
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