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Creed Vetiver

I am a big fan of "wood-sy" scents and have been thinking about buying some Creed Vetiver. Unfortunately, I have never actually smelled the stuff before.

Anyone care to describe it, or give me some opinions? I figure if I do not like it I can always trade or sell it as there seems to be a real market for Creed colognes.
I'm also trying to get a feel for Creed scents, except I'm interested in several and kinda want to try out each of these:

1) Green Irish Tweed 2)Silver Mountain Water 3) Himalaya 4) Millesime Imperial 5) Original Vetiver 6) Original Santal

Being as I dont have near the $600+ to buy all of them, I was looking around eBay for sellers who had small 1.5mL samples as well as 5mL decants and the username 786hoodas
came up. I have an email into him as of this morning to custom design a 6pack of 1.5mL for $20.
Also, there is less of a selection here


They have a 2.5mL sampler for $4.

On thing that scares me from my readings at basenotes.net is that there seems to be some variety between batches of the Creed colognes, making it possible to end up with a "bad" (batch maybe accenting some notes differently than another batch) ones with online purchases. People who buy full size things through ebay tend to suggest that you look for a seller that accepts returns.

Lastly, it seems that most of the stuff online that doesnt reflect the $160 retail price at Neiman Marcus is "gray market", packaged for other countries but imported here (arabic on the packaging, etc.). It seems that there isnt a difference in the formulation, though that whole issue with batches being different (from the natural variation in ingredient crops apparently) still exists.
I would love to have samples of the same six you mention. Do you know if I can e-mail this seller and request the same deal (6 for $20)?
So, I heard back from him and all you have to do is the "Buy it Now" option for any of the 6 Creed samples for $20 listings. Once you buy it, you just tell him in the comments field which 6 you want from his list. Note, from my list he said he didn't have Original Santal, so I tossed Bois de Portugal in there instead.

Already received an email from him saying it would be in the mail Monday.

water said:
I would love to have samples of the same six you mention. Do you know if I can e-mail this seller and request the same deal (6 for $20)?
I just purchased the "6 samples for $20" as well. I went with: Santal Imperial, Green Irish Tweed, Original Vetiver, Erolfa, Bois de Portugal, and Baie de Genievre.

I assume these will be in small vials about the same size as cologne samples from T&H, Trumpers, etc.?

Hopefully, this turns out positive and is not some guy filling the vials with half-water-half-Creed concoction.
Considering he decants from 4oz bottles, and 4oz-125mL, he'd still be making a nice little profit giving me hope that there's no real reason to think about diluting things. He's selling for about $2 a mL (since we get 1.5mL of each).

For each bottle he fully decants out into those little aliquots, he probably makes over $175.

Damn, maybe I should start doing this :) If only I had the time...
I was thinking the exact same thing, which is the reason I felt comfortable enough to order. Plus, the seller has a good feedback rating after a lot of sales.

I wonder if he/she makes much money decanting these fragrances? If so, it works out well for both the buyer and seller. He/she makes money and I get to try six different scents without having to spend over $100 on each.
i got my samples from 786hoodas today.

wow, these smell quite good!

He did a very fine job of packaging with lots of bubble wrap and polyfill to keep the glass vials safe. I highly recommend him if you are looking to try out some Creed samples.

Now, to pic the best one!
I am hoping mine will arrive sometime next week.

How are they turning out? Have a favourite yet?
Pretty much the only one I dont really care for is the Bois De Portugal. Of the 6, my top 3 are probably Silver Mountain Water (which I'll probably end up purchasing), Millesime Imperial, and Himalaya (I really like this one, too strong for what I can use daily at work, but may get it as an out at night at bar or club scent). Green Irish Tweed is quite good, but I can't get it out of my head how similar (though better) it is to Curve, which is like 1/5 the price.
I went back and forth about including Silver Mountain Water in my purchase. Seeing as it is likely your favourite, I kind of wish I had.

I am really looking forward to receiving these samples, particularly the Vetiver. Did you like it?
I think the vetiver is a nice scent, just not the type I would wear. A little too grassy for me.

I also don't have much (any) experience to compare to other vetiver scents so feel like I'm not in proper position to judge.
I have used Guerlain Vetiver in the past. Very nice scent that lasts at least 6 hours on my person. You can usually find it on sale at some of the internet sites. It's worth a try.

Personally, my favorite over all others remains Floris Vetiver.
Still waiting. I am located in Canada, so things mailed from the US always take a little longer. I am expecting to receive the package/envelope today or tomorrow.

Can't wait... patience... running out... must... be strong...
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