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Cream recommendations for sensitive area

To start I have semi sensitive skin normally which is the reason I switched to straight and safety razors to begin with.

I'm now shaving a sensitive area and looking for cream recommendations. I'm shaving this area in the shower obviously without water actually running over it.

I do have a silvertip brush that I use.

So far I tried body shop maco root cream the problem was in the hot shower the lather just almost instantly disappeared, I then tried creamo cream which was just in general useless. I then used one of my favorite soaps (stirling) which does work pretty good but takes a lot of prep pre shower. I'm now using musgo without the brush which works decently.

I'm looking for an easy-to-use cream for sensitive skin, requirements
1. non scented
2. easy to apply and lather
3. works well in the steam and wet environment
4. good for sensitive skin

I've considered proraso and tiger.

Any recommendations are welcome
I've been using Arko sensitive cream on my beard. It has a very light scent of lavender and citrus. It is supposed to be lathered by brush though. $2.99 a tube at Pastuers.

Barbasol 1919 is brushless and pretty good. That's what I'd try. It's carried by my grocery store.
If you're in the US, Kiss My Face unscented ticks all your boxes and is available from Amazon and at least one retail outlet near me (Kroger).
I found through bowl lathering when heating up my creams that they go transparent but will still kick up a good lather regardless.
You should try a hard soap stick like Speick or La Toja stick that you just smear on the beard and then lather, they perform very well.
Speick is a light mild spicy scent that I found great on the face and post shave qualities triple milled and would better suited for shower because it has a plastic handle to hold the stick. You could just hand lather or use a good synthetic brush that dries quickly as needed in a shower environment.
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