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Correct technique on a narrow strop

My Dovo strop is only 1-3/4 inch across.

In stropping a 5/8 size razor which is wider than the strop do I just strop the middle of the blade or also strop the eazor edges beyond the strop width?

Should I buy a wider strop?


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Just for giggles I made this strop. Works fine. You should be moving the razor across the strop as you draw it down (that is the X pattern).

Most old school strops were an inch narrower than the average razor. That was normal until recently.

You have three choices:
  1. Hone section by section
  2. Use x-strokes
  3. Buy a wider strop
I would give 1 and 2 a try because they will help improve your technique. And no harm getting a wider strop.

For me, the perfect width is 65 mm or 2 1/2 inches.
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