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Coral Skin Food vs other scents?

A lot of people rave about the coral skin food but I don't see much about the other scents of sandlewood and lime. Is it because the coral somehow works better or do most people just prefer that scent?

Let me begin by saying that I like rose scents, most of the time. I have a tub of Cyril Salter Rose shaving cream that I use from time to time, and I am fond of SCS's rose ASM. I tried the coral skin food once. Just once. The smell was still so strong on me after two hours I felt obligated to wash it off, and I promptly found that bottle a new home via the BST forum. I have a sample of the Sandalwood skin food, and that smells most pleasing to me (though I've not yet used it).
Well, I guess I'm a contrarian: I love Skin Food, but hate the Coral (rose) scented one. I don't like rose scents (too "grandma" for me). I love the lime and sandalwood scents, though. The lime is really subtle (IMO) while the sandalwood has a little more "presence."
I like the Coral Skin Food. It was the first non-drugstore aftershave product I bought, and has performed great. I'm also a fan of the scent, as it complements any of the floral soaps or creams I use, in addition to the 'clean' scented soaps.
I think it's just a matter of what scent you prefer as I have all 3 skin foods(coral, limes, sandalwood) and find that they all peform the same.
I smellled all 3 when I was in Trumpers 6 months or so ago and liked the Sandalwood the best, so I bought that. Simple as.
I prefer the Coral and don't find it greasy or long lasting on the scent, which is odd since the climate here in the summer is hot and humid.
I have all three. Use the Rose & Lime in the warm months and the Rose & Sandalwood in the colder months. They are all a wonderful indulgence.
Personally, I do not really care for the scent of the Coral skin food, and like the Sandalwood and Limes much better. I will put up a about 85% full 200 mL bottle up for trade on the B/S/T forum, trading for the same amount of the Limes.
I'm a big fan of the scent of the SW. For some reason I pick up a hint of ginger in it, which I really like. I like the Coral OK in the bottle, but I haven't put any on my face yet (I have the samples).
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