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Cooking with Fire


Moderator Emeritus
Cooking with fire? Eat steak like Eisenhower did - the "Dirty Steak."

Fire up real hardwood charcoal and let it burn down until the coals are covered in white ash - it should be hot enough that you can't hold your hand a foot above the fire for more than a second or two. Dry the steaks - works best with NY strips in my opinion, season well with salt and pepper then lay them directly on the coals. Let them cook for 2-3 minutes for rare then flip them over (knock off any coals that stick). Cook another 2-3 minutes. Let rest it least five minutes and dig in.

You'll be surprised at how good it is.


Wanting for wisdom
Moderator Emeritus
The cub scout manual talked about preparing a steak . . . salt and a pat of butter . . . wrapped in foil and place in amongst the coals of a fire. "All the better for taste", said the author, "if some of the ashes find their way onto the meat". When I cook over hot coals this always comes back to mind. Also the taste fresh (caught a that afternoon) scallops done at a campsite very quickly in a hot cast iron pan over a hard wood fire including whatever dead wood I managed to hustle up to stay warm in late August at a park near the Bay of Fundy. This after a day of picking berries in an area frequented by bears.

Simple is good and probably comes together easier than complicated recipes.
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