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Converting shaving cream to shaving soap

A while back someone posted the question about could shaving cream be converted to shaving soap and I experienced something that might help.

Included in an order of synthetic knots was a very small sample of TOBS Eaton College. It was in a tiny jar. I left in in a drawer and didn't think much about it so it sat for a couple of years or so. I ran across it about a week ago and decided to try it out.

Some of it was soft, but most had hardened. I dug it out and put it into a lathering bowl and proceeded to make glorious lather and shave with it. I returned the excess lather to the lather bowl, but instead of rinsing out the bowl, I set it aside for the next morning.

I have shaved with it five times now and it just keeps producing rich wonderful lather. There is still a clump of hard whatever (soap?) stuck to the bottom of the lathering bowl roughly the diameter and thickness of a quarter. I'm going to see how long it will do this.

I'm also going to take an empty mug and deposit a dollop of Cremo into it and see haw long it takes to harden. This may take longer than anticipated and I may abandon it in a few months.
indeed works well with most lathering creams.
that's how i converted some proraso cream to soap-in-tin.
took about six weeks to fully harden; still retains smell.

proraso wood spice plisson feather may 26 2018.jpg
I have some jar creams that are 10-15 years old at this point. They do dry out and look more like a soft soap over time. They take more effort to load if not used in awhile but they work just like a cream once lathered up.
I have a jar of Art of Shaving Sandalwood that has hardened into more of a croap. I used this morning, in fact. Loaded it from the jar as I would a soap.
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