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Confusion over brush size preference

Hi Gents,

Both of my brushes so far have been small. I found that once bloomed, they are plenty big enough for my face and for lathering in a bowl.

So - why do some of you prefer medium or even king size brushes?

Are bigger brushes better for bowl latherers? Or face latherers?

This is how I see it....

Bigger brush: Holds more lather = good for face latherers in absence of a bowl. Bad for face latherers due to lack of accuracy in applying lather.

Smaller brush: Holds less lather, may run out between passes if face latherer, however more accurate in applying lather to the face.

So... what do you do? Use a small brush but build lather in bowl? Best of both worlds?

Or... use a medium brush, jack of all trades?

Thoughts welcomed!

I lather directly on the face with pretty much all soaps an in my palm with creams before going to the face.

I strongly prefer small to mid size brushes, I find them easy to use, very good when using them on my face and have rarely had issues with running out of lather.

The whole issue lies in your own personal preference. I have used a full range of sizes from very small to very large and have fallen into my preferences.
Once I lather up I don't want to have to relather the brush and with the exception of a very few creams out there small brushes just don't perform. I find mediums to be just right. I don't like large brushes.
I think the attraction to large brushes is more of a luxury factor. There is just more of that great badger hair to mash your face in. Oh the softness. They also look very impressive. For myself and practical reasons, I prefer medium 22mm or 23mm knots with lofts in the 50-55mm range. They are just all around good brushes. I can also fit more of them on my shelf.
A bigger brush will also build lather (a little) faster. Not really a big selling point, but it is a slight advantage.

I have a 21mm and 24mm Rooney, they perform about the same.
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I face lather with a rooney 1/3 which has a 26mm knot. I dont think its inaccurate at all, I am very precise with it.

I personally love the feel and warmth of a larger brush, which connot be replicated by a small brush. I know because I have owned all sizes. In fact Im thinking of going with a 31mm custom.

Here is an old SOTD pic for reference
My favorite large brush is my C&E Super Large. It's a massive knot and it's floppy as anything. It holds heat well and is ultra soft. I can't use it with hard soaps very effectively, though, because of the floppyness.
That's where boars and smaller badgers come in. They are a bit stiffer and therefore better suited for loading up from a triple milled tallow soap.
My daily brush is a Rooney stubby 2, which has a 24mm knot, which for me is just right. I also have a Kent BK8 which is much bigger. I dont know the exact knot size on that, but it dwarfs the Rooney. Sometimes I like to reach for the Kent to experience a shave with that big huge knot of silky soft hair. I dont use it every day, but sometimes I get in the mood to use a big brush.
I use a Shavemac 429 with a 23mm knot, and for me, this is as large as I want to go for face-lathering. It is just perfect, but just on the edge of being 'out of control'...just how I like it! :biggrin: Any larger and I think my whole upper body would be a mess of lather!
I find that 21mm is my perfect brush size. I face lather, and it is just big enough to hold all the lather I could ever need, and just small enough to lather with precision.
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