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Complexion Inprovement

Hi all,

I’ve been DE shaving since February, since retiring my cans of goo and Mach 3 refils to the mrs my facial complexion has never been so good. I’m not just talking about a reduction in spots or skin blemishes but my skin feels and looks a lot healthier and much more hydrated with my new routine (applying a bloomed soap, face lather, shave, alum, AS splash then Nivea post shave balm.) Prior to Feb I was shaving very sporadically, some times once a week-10 days sometimes every other day. I now shave 6 days a week and working on a 24/7 shift pattern do not have set shaving times so frequently go 36 hours between shaves. Colleagues have even commented that I look fresh. I have not ever suffered with bad skin but applying soaps and creams with a brush and shaving almost daily really is doing my skin the world of good!


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That's awesome! Glad it's working for ya!

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That’s great news, thanks for sharing with us. That’s one of the benefits of this wonderfully enjoyable past time!
I too have noticed it. But for most of us is it the shaving, or is it the serious washing of our faces and applying lotion every 24 hours or whenever?


Fussy Evil Genius

Putting some good stuff on your face during and after the shave really does something, doesn't it? :)
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