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Competition IV

Sounds like the chisel chest I built years ago which had stackable trays in it with moveable dividers on each tray.
No way am I going to be able to finish this monster by the 20th ;). Currently looking at >200 parts if you include screws, (not counting razors) many yet to be cut out, most to be finished. Will post somewhere when complete. Good luck entrants!


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Obviously nodbdy wants too show their hand too early on this one.

Well someone has to enter! This is a bit of a "dog ate my homework entry" because I spent most of the month working on a non shaving related project. I was hoping to be able to use that for the comp, but decided it was a bit of a stretch.

One thing I could think of that I needed was a stand for kamisori that didn't contact the edge at all. This is what I came up with. The hole in the top is wide enough to hold them with a rubber grip, and it also fits regular razors as well. It is made of Tasmanian oak and has a bees wax finish.

That's a cool stand, David. Tasmanian oak is a really nice wood and it looks good against the dull patina on the kamisori.

I had wondered how one would display a kamisori (besides flat in its box, but that's not really showing it off).
That's an interesting stand, looks really cool.

I should have a chance to finish my entry the next day or two, it's nothing too wild but it's been a busy couple of weeks.


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I'll beat the deadline, but just barely, for at least a part of it. Sounds like a lot of us have more ideas than time. Maybe we should have a longer time to do a big projectwith interim shorter ones.
Alright, finished up my fanstand. Here is what I started with, an old fan I picked up at an antique market probably a year ago. It's been sitting in my office in various states of disassemble since..

And here is what I ended up with. The screw hole and the pivot on the base were a "ready made" razor stand. I cut up part of the blade and made the brush hanger, it's fastened on with repair putty. I cleaned out the motor housing & filled in the slots with repair putty so it can be used as a lather bowl. The brush is an old Ever Ready, I took the "ZERO" emblem off of the front of the fan and stuck it on the end of the brush with...you guessed it...more repair putty! Repainted it all flat olive drab green. I'm really just glad it's not sitting in pieces on my desk anymore.


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I recently scored a nice lot of soaps off the BST, but they all cane in little baggies. Really like the wooden bowls a lot of soaps come in. I had planned to make a whole set of them, but alas, time constraints have limited said set to a single bowl.

I probably should have chosen a better chunk of firewood, since this spalted maple was so punky some came off in chunks as I tried to turn it. Soaks up the Danish oil like you wouldn't believe.

Second picture shows it with a puck of Trumper's Lime soap.


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Hey, I'm going to be away in the country this weekend, and I probably won't have internet. MyCarver, would you please be good enough to call time when the competition month ends and you have made your decision?

The rest of you, you better get working. Not much longer to go!
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