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Competition IV


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Time for the new one! This time we are going to be doing something a little different. Instead of working on a razor, what I want us to do this time is make something for the shave den that is straight razor related, but not actually the razor itself. Some examples of what I mean, you may like to make a nice stand for your razor(s), or maybe a box for a seven day set. You might like to build a really fancy strop. Maybe a cool storage solution for your hones. Even a decorative item like a sign or a barber pole. The skies the limit, and it is up to you. But shaving related, hand made, and not a razor. And judging your fantastic efforts this round will be none other than the magician himself, Mycarver! And we all know, you don't get much more qualified for judging handmade items of various mediums than him. As normal, you have one month from now, and bragging rights and a sense of satisfaction will be your prize. Good luck chaps!
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Wow, I wish I could compete in this one, but there's no way... My shop time has come to an end until after I move. This will be fascinating to watch though. Mycarver is truly the master of this kind of thing, so you couldn't have picked a better judge...
OK, given the ridiculous whooping felt by all in the last contest, any way we can separate this into "pro's" and "amateurs'...the former meaning you have a a shop to work in, the latter meaning you have at most a dremel :001_tt2:
The only whooping to be had was all of us by mycarver, and since he's the judge of this one, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
Sounds fun, I believe I will take a hack at it.

There is actually something I wanted and just a day or two ago I was trying to decide if I wanted to buy one or try and make one. This sort of made the decision for me.
Is there a limit to the size of the entry? Does it have to be made entirely with my two hands? I have something in mind.... /evil laugh.....


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I'm waiting for the billionaire straight shaver to show off his Shave House.
Subscribed, and i think I may actually try this one.
No idea what, but I do have two working hands, and a dremel, and that's enough (I hope)....
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