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I generally enjoy coffee without anything. There are times, however, I am looking for just a little something to have with my afternoon coffee. My favourite accompaniment is a biscotti. Or a well made almond cookie of the Italian variety. In winter a home made shortbread cookie is also enjoyable. But it has to be with a dark roast coffee...

What do you enjoy with your coffee?
Once in a great while, on a cold winter day, I put a blast of Korbel Brandy in my cup of black coffee. Does that count?


Alfred Spatchcock
We have a place here that makes/sells cream cheese and chicken
They are fantastic.

Our favorite shop (El Paso family) makes a good chicken tamale with a little wisconsin cheese and a little green chile in them.
ahhh Nonni's; good memories especially with the dark chocolate.
fresh home made short bread or banana poppy seed bread...
lovely thoughts for the moment-to-myself, even & especially if it's shared!
Donuts, but not always. I like hot doughnuts, eastern/central european style-krafne, filled with jam, marmalde or chocolate, or dalmatian fritule covered with honey or powedered sugar.
I usually drink turkish coffee, but I do not eat rahat lokum with it.

I know it's not healthy.
At home, i'll have a daily coffee after the supper dishes are done and everythings been put away so nothing more with the coffee. If i'm out and having coffee, i'm also usually having dessert and chances are pretty good that would involve a dark chocolate something.



Stumpy in cold weather
For me, I just have the coffee. I often turn it into "bulletproof" coffee, so you might want to look into that.

Otherwise, one thought occurs ... in the past I often liked having Scottish short bread with my tea ... perhaps that'd be a good one with coffee too? Or if you have access to an Oriental/Filipino market, look for Polvaron, a Filipino short-bread; you can often get them with different flavours ... I like ube (purple yam) or with crisped rice inside.
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