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Clubman opinions needed

I love the smell of Clubman talc, and use it every day. I did smell the aftershave once, but it didn't smell the same to me. Does the aftershave dry down to the same scent as the talc? If I love the talc, is it worth ordering the aftershave?
It smells the same after the dry down. It's fantastic but, be warned that a little goes a long way and it lasts for quite a few hours. You should be able to pick it up at most drug stores or Sally's beauty supplies.
Yes. And it's cheap, so if you don't like it, you aren't out much. The Clubman aftershave isn't "exactly" the same but it's real close. I use the talc daily, and either use Clubman aftershave or the somewhat spicier but almost identical Canoe with it - either is good with the talc. Try it, you might like it. The only downside is that some young women might view it as "old man", but I don't care.
I am not worried about smelling like an old man to the ladies! My beautiful wife approves of my choices in scent, and that's the only woman I need to please. The scent of the talc has grown on me, and I can see it being my everyday scent.
I also use both the talc and the aftershave and to me the scent is the same. The aftershave starts out a bit spicier than the talc but when it dries down I can't tell a difference.
For me, the Clubman AS has the same "old barber shop" scent that sprinkling talc does. I love it and have been searching for a backup AS and have yet to find something comparable. Although I do have some Avon wild country on its way after a rec from B&B memebrs. Short answer is go for the clubman. if you dont like it. its not much money and you can probably trade with someone on this site.
I picked up a bottle this morning. I must admit I didn't care for it when I first tried it a few years back. I think it is one of those fragrances you can't appreciate until your nose has matured. I am in my early thirties, so I don't have the barbershop memories that many of you have either. I passed it up a few years ago, but now I will always have a bottle or two on hand! I am glade I gave it another chance!


Used to have fun with Commander Yellow Pantyhose
Clubman is very heavy on the talc scent. You may also want to try the Special Reserve--it also has that nice Pinaud talc scent.
Yah, it's a solid AS. I find it pungent and citrusy at first, and as it wears off it becomes more powdery. There are minute differences between it and the talc, but that may just be me.
I think it is one of those fragrances you can't appreciate until your nose has matured.

what the h-- does that mean? that your olfactory senses are completely shot? clubman appreciation and use seems to have a huge correlation with the increase in presence of C[sub]9[/sub]H[sub]16[/sub]O...

thats 2-Nonenal, the substance thought to be identified as the cause of the phenomenon commonly known as "old man smell", "old lady smell", "old person smell" or "the smell of death"...
I cannot determine the molar weight without knowing how many oxygen atoms are present in this molecule. Is it a ketone? What I meant is that after wearing many different scents in the last few years, most of which are not mainstream, combined with a new appreciation of "classic" scents and learning not to give up on something without a fair shake, I can now say me like club man!
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