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Claus Porto Powdered Shaving Soap ?

Saw this today at Cambridge Chemist in NYC .
There were a few old looking boxes on a shelf , priced I think at $20 ?
The shop appears to be a shell of it's former self , at least the shaving section .
Having been to Pasteurs and having sold them product I can tell you the shops do not see a big profit from this area. Much of the products there looked well opened by many sniffers and once you truly hold that giant kilo of shave soap in your hand your better judgement kicks in. These are places for board members to head to but few true off the street sales are made by someone seeking La Toja shave cream so the products sit like this one must have.
I bought all three of them. One I will keep for myself two I will make available. It seems as if you make a cake of soap from it by placing the powder in a mug, wet it, and let it harden.
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