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    This stuff is powerful. I sprayed some last night around 5:30 PM just to give it another shot. I really did not like it the first time I tried it. Now I really enjoy it. Here's the kicker. It was sprayed last night. I showered this morning. I can still smell it on the wrist I tried it on! In a world of usual staying power of 5 minutes, this stuff is a powerhouse.
  1. Yes, it is powerful. So powerful I use just a momentary spritz to the chest, then dab a fingertip into the spritz on my chest and dab on both sides of my neck. And still notice it at day's end. That is my way of living with this. The scent replicates Polo Green pretty close. Classic Match fragrances are a great value, they are about $8 at Walmart. I own five now, no reason to purchase the neutered designer nonsense these days. My wife works for Walmart in the health and beauty area, she says they sell so much of the Classic Match scents that the designer scents they copy don't sell much anymore. I can see and smell why!
  2. The Belcam/CM Polo Green does take me back to high school, so it must be close to what was in those big green bottles back in the 80's. I'm really curious about their Sauvage version. I like the scent but i just can't ever see spending the "Dior" money on it when I could get a discount/deal on something even better for the same money.
  3. Primitive Man, Belcam's Sauvage clone, is a great deal for the price. And scent-wise it is remarkably close to Sauvage. But the original is more nuanced than the Belcam fragrance. Primitive Man, like Classic Match, is a real beast when it comes to projection and longevity.
  4. I second what Dog Whiskerer said. The belcam primitve man is awesome, the original is definitely more nuanced though. Primitve man is pretty linear. I love it though and have gone through a whole bottle of it.
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    Yes, this one has a lot of fans!

    Belcams aren't bad in general; this one's really pretty close to PG.

  6. bray & KUfan:
    :2guns:Being a avid fan of Polo Green...I couldn't resist and 'pulled the trigger' on a bottle
    from Amazon. :thumbsup:

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    PG is a favorite. Glad to hear they are making a clone like the original versions.
  8. Please share your opinion on it once you've tried it. Having never used PG aside from testers, it would be great to hear your opinion on the clone.
  9. bray:
    I promise I'll try to do my best with a good Review of this aftershave/cologne! :thumbsup:

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  10. bray:
    In my view, the Classic Match PG (Polo Green), is 'stronger', almost (99%), an exact match for the original & the longevity is much longer (still have faint whispers of it after 10hrs). [​IMG]

    Defiantly a 'keeper' in my medicine cabinet, the Mrs. approves & like it a lot plus think of the money I'll save by switching! :thumbsup:

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  11. If you haven't bought a bottle of Primitive Man, I would suggest you take the plunge. It is good stuff, smells very masculine and modern. The kind of stuff you like to smell where you sprayed it on your wrists over and over. A bargain at less than a $10 bill. This cologne likely won't offend anyone, just smells good and lasts. I scent my vehicle interiors (spray on some thin cardboard and hide under the seat) with Primitive Man and sometimes I use Belcam's version of ADG Prof umo, another goodie.
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    With Sauvage in the news, found my bottle of PM ... Yes, its decent. A little synthetic, have to live with. Beats paying for Dior.

  13. Sums up how I feel about PM as well. Still really like it but it is a tad synthetic.
  14. Dior Homme, or DHI, I could see paying full price for, because they smell like they actually have really high quality ingredients, and they smell sophisticated and original. Sauvage smells like a very good body spray to me. I like it, but not $80-$100 like it. If it was $30 or under I'd be all over it.

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