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Chubbies 2 and 3 Super

Hello all,
With all this talk and interest regarding the Persian Jar series brushes, I'm curious to know how many of you feel about the Chubbies 2 and 3 supers? It seems that the larger Simpsons have lost a bit of their popularity these days.


If you don't mind: could we please make this an all-chubby thread? I have a Chubby nr. 1 in super winging its way to me and I'm very interested how our members would compare it to the other chubbies. (though there are quite a number of older simpson threads that partially deal with this topic). Personally, I think the chubby has much more of a (gentle)mans handle than the over-femininly curved Persian Jars or tulips (although I'd like to get my hands on one of those as well ;)
Chubby-meisters, please share your wisdom!
I have a Chubby#2 Super. It is an interesting brush. It is short, squat, wide and dense. The bristles are longish but they are so densely packed it makes it also scrubby, so the brush is both a combination of scrubby yet soft. It holds a tremendous amount of water so it was a little trial and error at the beginning to get the ratios right for lathering. The bloom is awesome and it holds it shape quite well. The handle is mostly a love or hate thing - I can't think of anything off-hand to compare it to, but it is essentially a wide cylinder without a whole lot of definition to it. If you like the curvy, PJ or Vulfix type of handles, chances are you won't like the Chubby handle. I like the brush personally and continue to use it.



Chubby 1 in best here, and it is as the CHubby 2 super above, but much less a scrubber. Chubby 2 in best was scrubby as well
I recently received a Chubby 3 (best) purchased from Lee, www.leesrazors.com, (at a fine price I might add) and it has met all my expectations. I agree with the previous post about getting the water ratio to where it generates the quantity/type of lather you prefer but once you develop a familiarity with the brush, you will be all set.

The brush holds it's shape nicely and the bloom is great. The bristles feel great on my face and the lather is applied easily. I like the basic look of the handle and personally think it fits the character of the 'large' brush. I went with the #3 because I am bigger person, 6'5" - 240#, and Lee felt that would work well for me, and I consider it a keeper for sure.

The Chubby 3 Super was too large for me, and also I didn't like the stiffness of the bristles---that was a surprise, because the Emperor 3 Super is not stiff at all, though not soft either. I then got a Chubby 2 Best. It's not so stiff, but is quite dense. And it's still quite large. I like it fine, but I can see wanting to try also a Chubby 1 Best. And---guess what---YMMV. :biggrin1:
I've had a Chubby 2 in super for about a month now and I've been very happy with it. It did take a couple of days to get the right water/cream ratio but ever since then it's been a consistent performer. As I've posted before, for me, the brush is a nice combination of soft tip and firm shaft which I'm happy with. No doubt about the fact that it is a firm brush. Still I've fallen prey to the need to try the PJ2 and have one in Super on order from Lee. I'm hoping it will arrive next week and I'll post some comparisons.
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