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Christmas in a bottle

About ten years ago I tried a small sampler of Burberry London, I liked the smell but when I tried it it was summer and the smell just didn't fit in

Last week I ordered a bottle and now when the Christmas is coming the smell is just fantastic.
This scent is 100% Christmas! 🎄🎅
And (IMO) it's one of the most masculine winter fragrance there is :c2:

This is my new favorite winter fragrance and I think I will have to order a new bottle before the winter is over
I like Burberry London. Especially around holiday time. I think Boss Bottled is on pair with it. It's just nice apple pie scent that you can actually wear all year round.

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Rudy Vey

My scent for this time of the year is: Norne from Slumberhouse
Highly concentrated Extrait de Perfum
It’s a terrific Christmas holiday fragrance that none can compare. I did use for Thanksgiving, but it really needs the colder temperatures to shine.
I forgot to mention Solea D'Amaris aftershave. I know it is not a fragrance however this thing is heavily scented and whenever I put it I imagine my time last Advent in Vienna.

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