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Check your local 'Granola' market!

Hello chaps, Just got back in from my lunchtime wander around the streets of Burlington and felt obliged to update.

As people may or may not know, Burlington is a very 'cosmopolitan' city and there are a lot of eco-friendly, tree-hugging types here. Not that i have anything against that at all, in fact based on this latest find I'm rather pleased about it!

We have a co-op market about a three minute walk from my office so I thought I'd bimble by and take a look today.

OMG!!:eek: The 'natural pharmacy' was like a small gold mine of products that I've been reading about here. Most notably I zeroed in on some 'Tom's of Maine Shaving Cream' which I have been wanting to try for the peppermint zing, particularly as we move into summer.

Thayer's Witch Hazel - CHECK, in fact in TWO varieties, original and lemon. Which one to get? I don't have a clue so refrained for the moment.

I have also been reading about the benefits of Aloe Vera gel so found what must surely be the perfect product! It's called "Witch-Vera Gel", no prizes for guessing the contents!:tongue:

I also spotted some Lucky Tiger face wash! I checked the ingredients and it looked pretty good, again I refrained from a purchase at the moment. However, all of these products were less than $10, bargain city.

I look with opened eyes upon the 'all-natural' section of the grocery market!:biggrin:

I find myself stopping by stores that I drove by for years wondering if the next wet shaving hidden gem lies upon their shelves.

I have found several stores near me that sell Tom's of Maine deodorant but I have not located the Mint Shaving Cream yet. I'm looking forward to the cool tingly feeling.

Having shaved with the Tom's shave cream this morning I can attest that it does indeed have a fresh, tingly feeling that is very pleasant on the face and smells good too.

I also had a great shave, not quite as close as with my Body Shop cream though. I think the Tom's has slightly less lubricating properties and it also seemed to dry out a bit quicker. maybe I'll check the review section and if there isn't one, I'll do my first review! :biggrin:

**EDIT** There's already a review of this product in the reviews section and a thread that continues the discussion here, where I have posted further comments.**EDIT**
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