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Chatillon Lux

I want to make a fanboy post about the aftershaves and toners over at Chatillon Lux. I do enjoy his fragrances, and he does some very creative things with them, but is post shave products are also really top-notch. They are the number one AS in my den behind B&M and Maol. It was their aftershave that got me hooked on the brand. Some of the aftershave scents are just fantastic: I love Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli and Gratiot League Square. They are great when you want to carry some sent but not necessarily as much as a cologne. Plus, the skin healing properties are excellent. Anyway, I just wanted to give props where they are due. Fanboy out. :)
I'm a big fan as well.

Personally, I put Maol AS just ahead of CL, but nevertheless, CL is top-tier stuff!

My favorites are: Delor de Treget, 4th & Pine, Colbek, Taum Sauk
I've never tried their aftershaves, but I'm tempted too for sure, they have alot of fans here and they seem to have some great scents