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FSOT Brush handles, blades, Yaqi SLOC, Arkansas stone, Chantillion Lux AS toner

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Consolidating some old threads and adding some price drops. I take Paypal G&S. All prices are shipped CONUS. I'm also willing to trade for:

-Southern Witchcraft Desairology soap/splash set.
-RR Lupo DC


Schick Proline P-30, brand new pack of 30 SE blades. $20 shipped CONUS.

AP Shave Co. Ocean Wave handle. This was one of their most recent drops and is drop-dead gorgeous. Fits a 24mm-26mm knot. $46 shipped.

Horn 26mm shaving brush. Very handsome handle in black horn. $30 shipped.

Chatillion Lux Gratiot League Square post-shave toner. Leathery scent lasts for hours - it’s almost an EdT. About 60% full still. $20 shipped.

Yaqi SLOC DE razor. Comes on a Razorock two-piece halo handle. I'll throw in two tucks of DE blades as shown. $20 shipped.

Dan's Surgical Black Arkansas stone. All but new. I was using this as a finisher after a coticule hone, but I think my coticule is actually pretty durn good as a finishing stone and I'd rather have the coin. $75 shipped CONUS.

For anyone who purchases the above, I'll throw in for an extra $10 a steel razor stand as shown in the photo. I was using it for Razorock handles, worked fine.


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