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Chasing a smooth shave with a mild razor

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Is it "normal" to not get BBS with a mild razor, or is it just more difficult?

Well, for me it's normal not to get BBS with a mild razor. Some guys can do it just with the power of their personalities, apparently. :)

Which is not to say I don't use mild razors on the occasion. Right now I've been shaving a couple of weeks with a FOCS because it does shave but not close, so I am not tempted to chase the baby which would give me some pretty severe irritation in this cold dry air. Once things warm up again and the humidity comes up, I'll return to more aggressive razors and spend a bit more attention on getting things close.



I shaved a fortune
The first thing I do after I rinse of my LEA alum residue is apply this slick prescription: Metro Gel... for psoriasis.... and some unidentified red bumps I started getting not long after I started shaving semi-regularly... As I rub it on, I pay attention to any places I might have missed... I don't want to feel any stubble. This doesn't mean my shaves will hold up to that cotton ball test some people suggest. i have no interest in such a test but I do like to get shaves that last 12 hours.

I'm one of those people who suggest a BBS shave is impossible and now that we have an almost 6 month old granddaughter (first grandchild), I've confirmed that idea. There is no way this old man's skin will ever be that soft. Some people here talk about their face feeling like marble.... Mine will never be that smooth either. I might have been able to get the marble when I was in my 30s or 40s, but those days are long gone. <eg>
I have been wet shaving for 50 years now. The only label I put on my shaves is " enjoyable". After 2 passes and light touch up around the mouth, I am done. My wife is happy with it, I am happy with it...done..
BBS ... Damn fine..Socially acceptable shaves are not in my book...
The journey is great...and the destination is rewarding on every shave adventure...
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