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Charlottesville Virginia

Shop London @ 101 East Water Street


Shave supplies:

George Trumpers
Crabtree and Evelyn
Taylors of Old Bond Street
Floris London
Musgo Real
Casell Massey
Dr. Hunter's


TOO DAMN many to list! Check their website!
Stopped in there this past weekend when I ran down to UVa.

In addition to what they list on their site, they have a large selection of brushes (Forget which brand, something that started with a "D", sounded German), as well as what looked to be three Dovo Straights and the Merkur Futur as well. Perhaps they have even more in the back.

I wouldn't expect to get any knowledgeable help on the products, but they have a ton of stuff and you can try or smell most of it. I wasn't planning on buying any Trumper's Lime Skin Food until I opened up the sample bottle and gave it a spin.

Prices are pretty comparable to most other vendors. It was $15 for tubes of Trumper's cream and $26 for the 100ml skin food. No shipping though.

If you're in the area definitely a nice side trip. It's located under the parking garage downtown on Water Street. I wouldn't stop unless you plan on buying something. I had to make myself leave before I spent any more money.
picked up some TOBS lime cream earlier and am now sitting outide eating on main st. getting dirty looks from the wife for posting to the forum with my phone during our vacation. Very nice store.
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