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FS: LOT of soaps, creams, AS, etc.

Hello fellow B&Ber's , I haven't been on the boards in some time due to work and a household move. I moved into a tiny house and to say the least, WOW. As such my shaving supplies are taking up too much of my limited space and they have to go. Without further ado.

Up for sale is a rather large lot of wet shaving goodies. In this lot you will find various soaps, creams, aftershaves, brushes and razors from a multitude of companies. I’d like to sell this in one of two ways:

1) As a whole lot, one price takes it all.
2) As a series of lots(soap lot, brush lot, aftershave lot, etc)

I would like to keep this open to all CONUS only members, as shipping such a large amount of product would be cost prohibitive overseas and the hassle of alcohol shipment isn’t worth the headache. Additionally shipping is not included in any of the pricing below. Seller agrees to pay actual shipping costs if purchased. Priority will be given to individuals who wish to purchase the ENTIRE lot. If there are no takers then individual lots will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. PAYPAL ONLY.

Please do not ask to purchase or trade for a specific item from a lot/lots. I am not interested in trading nor am I willing to break up the lot/lots. I have researched prices for all items as best I could and where none could be found estimated a fair price for the item. For example: the brushes were difficult to price so I just priced each one at $3. The way I came up with this figure is by imagining if I were to find these brushes at a local flea market or antique store. If I saw they were for sale for $3 a piece I would certainly pay that price, as it seems fair to me. The value of a particular NLA item is purely dependent on market conditions and on the how much the person is willing to pay.

Now to the good stuff.

MSRP $14.95 Captain’s Choice BAY RUM(used once)
MSRP $14.95 Captain’s Choice NORTH(used once)
MSRP $14.95 Captain’s Choice LIME(used once)
MSRP $12.95 Maggard Razors London Barbershop(90%)
MSRP $02.25 3X Arko Shaving Sticks(new)
MSRP $29.95 Le Pere Lucien DANDY(95%)
MSRP $09.99 2X Edwin Jagger pucks unidentified scents(new)
MSRP $13.50 Taylor of Old Bond Street SANDALWOOD(in uppercut tin, used twice)
MSRP $14.95 The Men’s Soap Shop BERGAMOT(used twice)
MSRP $02.99 Italian Barber AMICI(open but never used)
MSRP $04.99 Italian Barber SANDALWOOD(open but never used)
MSRP $16.09 Pheonix and Beauty SOLARIS(50%)
MSRP $20.00 Soapy Bathman BLACK VELVET(90%)
MSRP $14.95 Dr. Jon’s APHRODITE(90%)
MSRP $14.95 Dr. Jon’s THE BIG GREEN MONSTER(90%)
MSRP $39.95 Dr. Harris ARLINGTON(used twice)
MSRP $34.00 Beeline Products BEE SMOOTH(used once)
FREE Frankensoap scent unknown(used once)
MSRP $06.99 Wickham Soap Company SUPER SMOOTH(used once)
MSRP $12.99 Sapon Di Paolo PICCANTE(50%)
MSRP $12.99 Sapon Di Paolo CREMOSO(60%)
MSRP $12.99 Sapon Di Paolo BOSCO(60%)
MSRP $24.95+24.95 for wood bowl Saponifico Varesino scent unknown(used once)
MSRP $12.50 Stirling Soap Company SCOTS PINE SHEEP(used 4X)
MSRP $04.25 Whoos the Man RECON aka unscented(open but never used)
MSRP $20.00 TABAC(new in box)
MSRP $18.98 2X Simpson Luxury Cream(90%)
MSRP $06.99 Burt’s Bees(used once)
MSRP $06.99 Bee Bald(used once)
MSRP $07.99 Dr. Bronners LIME/LEMONGRASS(used once)
MSRP $06.99 Cremo Crème(used once)
MSRP $05.99 Van Der Hagen(used once)
MSRP $05.00 CO Bigelow EUCALYPTUS(used once)
MSRP $07.98 Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated(used once)
MSRP $05.00 Shave Cream(used once)

Total Value $514.35
Asking $250.00

Aftershaves/Eau de Cologne

MSRP $13.99 2X English Leather(used once)
MSRP $12.99 Canoe(used once)
Est. $05.00 Pinaud Clubman mini glass bottle(NEW)
Est. $05.00 2X Pinaud Clubman Musk mini glass bottle(NEW)
Est. $05.00 Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve large glass bottle(70%)
MSRP $08.25 Pinaud Clubman Vanilla(100%)
Est. $05.00 Pinaud Clubman Aftershave Lotion large glass bottle(50%)
MSRP $08.06 Osage rub(90%)
Est. $10.00 Skin Bracer Cool Spice(100%)
MSRP $13.50 Lucky Tiger(95%)
Est. $05.00 3X Avon Car Decanters(full)
Est. $05.00 Avon Dog Decanter(full)
Est. $03.00 Avon Shave Brush Decanter(empty, decanter only)
Est. $05.00 Avon DE Razor Decanter in box(40%)
MSRP $11.24 4711 aftershave(80%)

Est. $05.00 2X Antique 4711 EdC bottles filled from larger bottle(90%)
MSRP $21.53 4711 EdC large glass bottle(47%)
MSRP $28.00 Whoos the man Etsy company EdC samples(it is the entire line of scents, something around 34 scents)

Total Value $204.55
Asking $100.00

Shave Brushes/Razors

MSRP $10.00 Etsy Horsehair Brush(shedder but otherwise new, salvage handle for reknot?)
Est. $03.00 Ever-Ready 100T(handle in great condition, could use a new knot)
FREE Unknown Beehive looking brush(could be fixed, is it worth it?)
Est. $03.00 Erskine 500(overall great condition, use as is)
Est. $03.00 Century Pure Bristle, green and white handle(overall great condition, use as is)
Est. $03.00 Rubberset 153(handle good condition, hairline cracks on bottom, could use reknot)
Est. $03.00 Erskine Nylon 220(great condition, use as is)
Est. $03.00 Kenmore Pure Bristle German 1990(great condition, use as is)
Est. $03.00 Ever-Ready 250PB pure badger(great condition, use as is)
Est. $03.00 Erskine 3103(decent condition, some warping on bottom face, could use reknot)
Est. $03.00 Ever-Ready 200T(great condition, use as is)
Est. $03.00 Ever-Ready 100A(decent condition, could use reknot)
Est. $03.00 Gold(not real) razor handle and brush stand(good condition, could use reknot)

Est. $03.00 Fabyan Knife Co celebrated hollow ground(decent condition)
Est. $03.00 Electric Fine razor lion brand manufactured yankee cutlery(bone scales, 1% chance ivory)
Est. $03.00 Griffon cutlery carbo magnetic(large chip on blade)
Est. $03.00 The Burlington Fred H. Schawn Tacoma, Washington(some surface rust)
Est. $03.00 Torrey and Co Worcester, Massachusetts single edge wooden handle(good condition)
FREE Ball end Tech(cracked handle)

Total Value $58.00
Asking $25.00

The value for the entire lot is $776.90. I am asking for $375.00 plus actual shipping costs. PAYPAL ONLY.
I’ll throw some extra goodies in for posterity.


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remaining goodies.


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more photos.


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I need to move to the states, am crying into my salad bowl ( and not just because I am having to eat salad ) [emoji45]
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