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CAVEAT EMPTOR (fake Filarmonica)

I recently bought on ebay from Mariona from Spain a Filarmonica nos #13 razor. It was reasonably priced at $160.43. When it arrived I looked quickly while at work. Last night I decided to hone it if needed. A better look revealed no markings on the tang at all. It does have the Filarmonica doble temper on the blade. The scales are cheap plactic. I have wondered how many NOS razors there are in the world and now believe they are making new ones in China probably. Anyone else have similar experiences.
What makes you think it's a fake? Sounds like you have one of the "Sello Oro" versions which often do not have tang stamps. Do you have photos?

It's rather harsh (and questionable) to call out a reputable seller without offering evidence.
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It is a sello oro. I have several other Filarmonica razors and they all have name and country of origin. Why would a company decide to not use their renowned trademark?
If you search around the internet, you should find that some Filarmonica models were updated several times. My best guess is due to fashion; it should be noted that this "refresh-rebuy" tactic is also common in modern marketing. Searching these very fora reveal that these aren't the only Filarmonicas with cheap scales or lacking stamps on the shank.

However, to answer your question, I think you'll find that the name "Filarmonica," itself a trademark, should indeed be etched on the face of your blade. I must admit that I laughed a bit to myself when I read "renowned;" it's been said that they were bargain bin razors until after the factory closed in the 1970s, even shunned by some as being a reminder of Franco's Spain. They are fantastic razors in my opinion, but it's the collectors and shaving enthusiasts whom have exalted them to grand status in the past few years.

At any rate, these particular Filarmonicas have been sold by reputable vendors, honed by reputable honers, and reviewed by reputable shavers. Have you honed or shaved with it yet? I still don't understand why you're so quick to announce the seller as vending "Chinese" fakes.
There may be other Filarmonicas that are not stamped with name and country of origin, but I wonder if any are represented as nos original made in Spain Filarmonicas.
It would be helpful if you posted a photo of the razor you received.
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There may be other Filarmonicas that are not stamped with name and country of origin, but I wonder if any are represented as nos original made in Spain Filarmonicas.


Another point is that Mariona always attaches adequate photos to ebay auctions. Why would you buy the item if it wasn't what you wanted?
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After looking back at the listing on ebay, I see that there are no markings on the tang. I believe I have 4 other filli's and all are stamped, but this is the first "new" one i have bought, and it turns out to not be stamped. I am grown and responsible for my decisions. I just wanted to alert forum members to be cautious when purchasing expensive razors and to double check their authenticity. I am lucky the razor was relatively inexpensive.
My friend, I believe you've flown off the handle for no reason. Antonio has sold many of these razors - I managed to steal one myself that slipped under the radar, and way under the standard prices, and I can assure you, it is real. It is best to be very sure it is a fake before crying foul. Then, it is best to get in touch with the seller to resolve the problem.

Lastly - not a great way to make your first few posts. It would have been much more prudent, responsible and respectful to ask knowledgeable and experienced members for their opinions about its authenticity. Anyway, welcome! - it can only go up from here:thumbup1:
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Just like a little chime in if I may. Is this the filly you bid on?


You are very lucky to have gotten it so cheap! I would have jumped at this opportunity, I thought like the rest it was going to go for about 240 bucks! I think tang stamp or no tang stamp is irrelevant. The photos clearly showed there was no Tang stamp as well, its definitely not a fake. But the biggest point I think is - a shave is the real test.

I hope you enjoy it, those filly's really are great shavers and you got yourself a bargain.
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