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Castle forbes

How does it compare to Trumpers/Aos/Truefitt seems to be getting good reviews, but is the cream/balm really that good?
To me it trumps all of those. The protection and slickness to me can't be beat. Castle Forbes is a step above all IMHO.
I bought some of the lavender a couple weeks ago when WCS had it on sale. It is a great cream with the best lavender scent I've smelled in any kind of product. I think that is the best thing about it. It's also concentrated so a little bit does go a long way. As far as shave performance I think GFT Coconut is just as good if not better.
I really like CF Limes creme and balm. It is a very good performer. It is, however, not "better" than T&H 1805 creme and balm or Acca Kappa 1869 - in tube - cream and balm. Also, the T&H and Acca Kappa have matching fragrances, which I like. CF does not.

As well, the Acca Kappa (creme and balm) is reasonably priced and while the cologne is expensive, it is a huge bottle.
To me it trumps all of those. The protection and slickness to me can't be beat. Castle Forbes is a step above all IMHO.
I totally agree Sqratch. CF (especially Lime)is a notch above them all.IMO,the one cream that comes close is Trumpers Coconut.Both are superb but if I'm forced to choose one,I go with CF Lime all the way .

Ive used C&F in the past, and have only the T&H to compare it to. Both perform very well (imo) The C&F Sandlewood shave cream & ASB are fantastic smelling. In comparison, the T&H Trafalgar cream & ASB have the edge for me.....not in performance, but in the scent. Either way, you can't go wrong !


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I vastly prefer CF to the creams you mention, though the creams you mention are good in their own right.
CF is definitely a notch up in quality and performance from the typical English cream. That doesn't mean it will be your favorite though. You'd have to try it and see for yourself.
I find it hard to imagine much out there being n par with the lime and lavender Castle Forbes, in the scent department. It is a little pricy, but the cream is very dense, so you don't end up using as much product. The only "knock" on CF is that it can be difficult for some to lather, but once you get the hang of it--wonderful stuff.
No Contest! The CF cream is significantly better then the 3Ts, AOS and most English creams. Relative to Tufefitt, Trumpers and AOS, Castle Forbes actually cheaper - you get more for your money. The cream is more concentrated so you use less ml of product.


Yes, I agree. Having tried many soaps & creams, tallow & not, the Castle Forbes lavender is right at the top: scent, latherability, value for the money, effectiveness. After almost 2 years my lavender is almost gone. What do you think among you Castle Forbes fans -- does anything else you've used compare? Or should I just show loyalty & purchase another?


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Great stuff. Razorock gives it a run for the money at a fraction of the cost, though.

The CF lime is sublime.
Razorrock Is an amazing product for the money. There realy isnt any soap or cream at that price range that can top it IMHO. Very protective and slick. Also a breeze to create lather with.
I like lavender-scented creams. I've tried TOBS, D R Harris and Castle Forbes. Castle Forbes has the nicest scent and also provides the best shave.
Forgot that I also tried AOS. Nice scent but not as protective.
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