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Cartridge Razors - Gillette, Wilkinson Sword, Harry's etc...


Now I know these forums are really designed for guys looking to AVOID cartridge razors (myself included) but I have found that there are times when I needed one.

Before Gillette launched their campaign against straight white males, this was all I used, a Gillette Mach 3. I even bought a nice Edwin Jagger metal handle to put the blades onto. However, since that campaign, I have sworn never to use Gillette products ever again, including their foam/gel.

So... for those rare occasions when I need a cartridge razor (doing the difficult chin area when learning straight razor shaving / popping out of the house quickly on a date and not wanting to risk cutting my face to shreds with my DE safety razor etc etc), which one to choose in a post-Gillette world?

I like nice, good quality things built to last. That's why I bought an expensive and attractive metal handle for the Mach 3 cartridges. Now I am stuck with it (perhaps I can sell it on eBay or something)

But which cartridges are the best alliterative? Harry's? Wilkinson Sword? Someone else I haven't heard of?

Harry's handles are pretty horrible and plasticy looking and I don't trust a competing company like WS not to jump on the woke train too!

Another problem is that I don't see any nice, 3rd party metal handles for either Harry's or WS.


Maybe one of you entrepreneurial types could make a small metal adapter that allows Harry's blades to be fitted to Gillette handles? Then all those who bought expensive Edwin Jagger or other Co's handles can ditch Gillette cartridges and use their nice handles still!

OP, there is a forum dedicated to modern shaving systems:

Maybe a moderator can move this from the single edge forum to the proper forum.
I use a Trac II for head shaves. I use vintage blades, but you can also get Personna catridges. I don't like pivoting heads, so the Trac II works for me. There are also cool vintage handles out there by the likes of Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Waterford Crystal and others.
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