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Camping and shaving

So I enjoy camping quite a bit through out the year being at the foothills of the Sierra's. I usually pack in and pack out, does anyone have a kit in mind I could put together that minimizes both weight and space without compromising too much comfort?
When I am outdoors I use a cartridge razor. I can use this razor without mirror. I take either hair shampoo, showergel which I carry with me or a shaving oil. It gives the skin a good and nourished feeling after the shave.
I don't want any skin irritation when I am outdoors and hygienic standards are lower then usually.
I often use camping as an excuse not to shave. Disposables like the Bic metal or Bic for sensitive skin can work and they are small and light as a feather. As far as some sort of lubricant, you can always try a small tube of one of those non-lathering gels. In addition, travel stores sell little sheets of shaving cream that are quite small and light.
I've thought about this too, but I generally just don't shave.

If I were to pack shave gear and go lightweight, I'd use a little travel Tech, and a brushless cream. You could go lighter with a Bic sensitive disposable. I might try a soap if it could do double-duty as a hand soap.
When I want to carry something light, I carry a bottle of Somersets shaving oil with an aluminum-handled Tech. That's all.

For something still lighter, Somersets' week-end samples with a throwaway Bic. But then, you have to take care not to leave this plastic in nature.


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BING! - I'm also a camper who likes to shave.

You can't really get lighter than a Travel Tech Kit. These things go for about 5 - 8 dollars and have their own little snap up carrier. A smallish tube of cream and your set.

Packing in and out and camping is getting back to basics with mother nature, so do you really want to take a plastic disposable with you?
I am an avid backpacker and camper also.
I generally forget about shaving until I get home or to some destination that has running water. I guess, as its been said, a little disposable shaver would be best. Regular soap or shampoo would do as a prep.
This is just my opinion and it is biased by the fact that most of the places that I hike and pack to have no water, other than whats in your ruck.
Also, as its been said, a small cut can turn into a problem if you are in the boonies.
When I am camping with a backpack and just my feet as transportation I simply don't shave; the longest period nowadays would be one week and in winter so leaving all facial hair to grow is a good thing anyway. I usually stop shaving at least a week before I set off.
When we go camping with the family and by car I just take the entire circus with me with the limitation of just one razor, brush, soap and AS. At least 2 types of blades, maybe 3...
How about a bar of Dr. Bronner's soap in Peppermint or hemp? Can be used in streams for washing and shaving without harm to the environment. Couple that with an aluminum handled tech to save weight.
For a short camping trip I don't worry about a shave. On a longer trip I want a shave or two because then it the growth bugs me. So I take along a disposable razor that works for me as the only extra equipment for shaving. I use the concentrated pack soap for lather, and it does lather up acceptably and provide a bit of cushion when enough of it is used. Dr. Bronner's won't cut it, that stuff is too thin.
For me it is simple, a shave stick and what every razor I fancy at the time of packing. Most of the time it is my Vest Pocket Gillette and a few blades. I also bring along a tiny plastic bottle of WH but no AS or EDT.
For those who don't understand me wanting to shave while camping, well I am a veteran of the Army and do things a certain way when I'm in the bush. I typically go for trips between one and three weeks at a time, so if I didn't shave I'd look like Sasquatch. Anyways, it sounds as though many of you agree that a "tech" head is the way to go so I will look this up and see if I can't acquire one. Using a foamless cream or a shave stick sounds as though that is the way to go for that. Where can I find a shave stick? Any recommendations on a shave mirror, I can't seem to find any around 4 inch in diameter or smaller?
A basic mirror you'll find at most travel/camping gear stores, army surplus, etc.
The Weishi sometimes comes with a plastic box and a mirror. The advantage of a shaving oil is that you don't need a brush. Plus, it's made of biodegradable materials. I also like the Feather Portable.
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